Burgertariat revolution

I think if anything is gonna cause the common man to rise up and pitchfork the elites it’s gonna be the prolonged shortage of fast food staples like french fries, if it keeps being prolonged.

Although franchises treat their workers like shit they do provide the essential service of consistency which, for poor people having a really bad day they know they can always rely on having a tasty big mac to make things right. But take that away and all hell will break loose imo.

I cook fries at home. It does take some time and equipment (which I am not claiming everyone can afford), but I started with zero skill, and they still turned out pretty good.

Really? That’s crap food.
Need to go to Big Kahuna’s.

Um, I can go a LONG time without Fast Food fries. Since when is there a shortage? I’m sure I picked up McDs for my kid in the last week and we got fries.

…if you like burgers, give them a try sometime. Me, I can’t usually get them 'cause my girlfriend’s a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian. I do love the taste of a good burger. Mmm.

Can she not just get a veggie burger?

That whooshing sound…

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