Broccoli Fantasy

When you were a kid did you ever pretend you were a giant and the pieces of broccoli were like little trees?

Why limit the question to kids? Asking for a friend


Mine was a recurring nightmare where I was running through hell being chased by giant broccoli trees.

Weird because I always liked eating broccoli.

A dinosaur :sauropod: :t_rex:

I have this cookbook.

The Enchanted Broccoli Forest

It looks like there’d be use of special herbs with that.

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Every time there’s a new thread with a whacked-out title that makes me think, “I bet someone was high when they wrote that”, I look over and see that @colonelsmoothie is the original poster. Today I saw “Broccoli Fantasy” and thought, That looks like a CS thread. Great branding.

We should go for Chinese food some time and get beef and broccoli. So goooooooood!!! :yum:

I usually know it’s a CS thread before looking at the OP.

I never played pretend with my food. I scarfed that garbage down as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of table manners necessary so that I could get back to whatever fun activity was rudely interrupted by my mother. Also, I don’t remember being served broccoli as a side vegetable for meals as a kid.


The only Broccoli fantasies I had involved me being James Bond

I remember as a 10 year old we were on a school trip and rode a cable car in the mountains. We looked at a forest of eucalyptus far below us and marveled at how much they looked like broccoli (maybe I was the only one marveling, I can’t remember).

It’s all part
of my broccoli fantasy



It was the main course?