Bridge: Up for a challenge?

Win by 20 vs NN despite butchering the play of a slam against NN. Fortunately a push as the cards lie. Here’s the hand:

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 2.45.22 PM

Bidding (opps silent) 1C - 1S - 2H - 2S - 3C - 3S - 4S - 4N (key-card, spades agreed) - 5H (2 no Q) - 5N (king ask) - 6C - 6S

East leads the diamond Q. Plan the play. Interesting hand: worth thinking about before you read the spoiler. Reissued

Win the opening lead, play a trump to the ace, then take the heart finesse, even though you have 13 tricks without the finesse if spades are 3-3. If spades aren’t 3-3, you almost certainly have 12 tricks if the heart hook wins, and are down if you don’t take the heart hook.

Very unlikely to matter, but slightly better to lead a heart to the 10 or 9 rather that leading high. Matters only if East has a stiff heart, and you want to be in your hand to pull trump.

NN played it correctly. I didn’t, but with spades 3-3 it still made 13 tricks.

NN romps in the regular challenge with +20.25, by 24. I win the declare-only with 57.03%, by 0.78%. Both reissued

Bummer. I still had 3 matches to play and knew it would be close. Finished vs NN, won by 4, Can’t see the individual boards any more, but I’m pretty sure it was because I went down 300 instead of 500 when partner made an awful 3D bid instead of letting us play 3C. Finished the match against procrastinator, but no result since he didn’t play them. Because I played 16 vs procrastinator, I didn’t finish against AA. Played 11, or maybe even 12 or 13, but don’t know the result. I think he could tell. I might have even been able to finish all 16 except BBO kept crashing in the match against NN.

All 3 reissued

ETA: now I can see the individual boards against NN, and I had the hands wrong. I did win 5 for -300 vs -500 in 3D X, but the 3D bid was more unlucky than awful.

procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +24.00, by 5.50. Reissued

ETA: AA and I tie for first in the declare-only with 56.25%. We better not use our current individual challenge as the tie-breaker. I think I had my worst 16 boards ever. Some reasonable but very unlucky. Others just awful, in decisions made and in results. Reissued

I lose my individual challenge to NN 9-0, with 13 push boards. Reissued.

EATA: As expected, lose to AA. By 19. Could have been worse, but he also failed to beat the opponents’ slam when we had 2 aces. (That was one I had just chalked up to an unfortunate result, not that I should have beaten it, or that he would. But I certainly wasn’t going to win anything on that board.

Lose to procrastinator by 14.

Both reissued.

NN wins the regular challenge with +14.00, by 1.75. Reissued

Lose to NN by 11. Not surprised to lose, because on board 14 I let a nonvul game make that based on the honor cards already revealed in declarer’s hand (and he had opened 1NT), there was a 100% set available, yet I sleepily let it make, not counting the values he had already shown. To my surprise, that was a push. NN playing the same cards in the same order (except that with club KQ with a stiff led from dummy, he split with the K, I split with the Q. That wasn’t the fatal mistake


ETA: NN wins the declare-only with 55.21%, the only score above 50%. Reissued

Win by 2 vs AA. Lose by 24 to procrastinator. Both reissued.

ETA: NN wins the regular challenge with 20.50, by 4.75. Reissued

Thanks for doing these. I don’t always have time to give it my full concentration, but I enjoy the practice.

NN wins the declare-only with 60.94%, by 7.03%. Reissued

I lose to NN by 12. Reissued

ETA: Win by 18 vs AA. Procrastinator did not play our match. Both reissued

EATA: NN wins the regular challenge with +12.25, by 4.75. Reissued

EATA: oirg wins the declare-only with 54.69%, by 1.35%. Will reissue later today.

EATA: Lose by 4 to AA, by 33 to procrastinator. Win by 1 vs NN. All reissued

oirg wins the regular challenge with +16.00, by 10.67. oirg also wins the declare-only with 58.59%, by 7.03%. Both reissued