Bridge: 2023 MSC discussion

On A, I wouldn’t make an IJS over a major-suit opening with such trash. 1D-3C is different because (a) 1NT is so limited in range and (b) if opener has a minimum, 3C almost always blocks out an opposing major-suit fit.

A) 3C
B) 2D
C) 4S
D) Pass
E) 2D
F) 1NT
G) 2S
H) Diamond Jack

                       A     B     C     D     E         F       G         H
SW                    1N    1N    3S    3N    1N         P      3D        DJ
Klaymen               3C    1N    4S     P    2D        1N      3D        DJ
BTDT                  3C    2D    4S     P    2D        1N      2S        DJ
veni vidi vici        3C    2C    3S    3N    2C         P      3N        DJ

Leading               3C                                                  DJ

From ST via e-mail

A) 3C
B) 1NT
C) 3S
D) 3D
E) 2H
F) dbl
G) 3C

                       A     B     C     D     E         F       G         H
SW                    1N    1N    3S    3N    1N         P      3D        DJ
Klaymen               3C    1N    4S     P    2D        1N      3D        DJ
ST                    3C    1N    4S    3N    2C        1N      2N        DJ
BTDT                  3C    2D    4S     P    2D        1N      2S        DJ
NN                    3C    1N    3S    3D    2H       Dbl      3C        DJ
veni vidi vici        3C    2C    3S    3N    2C         P      3N        DJ

Leading               3C    1N          3N              1N                DJ

A) 3C. Admit to being tempted by 1S.
B) 1NT.
C) 3 spades. Kind of wanted to pass, as in my preferred style 2C by pd last round does not show the world, with honors more likely with RHO, will invite.
D) 5 diamonds. If 4 diamonds is forcing, would consider that, not sure.
E) 1NT. That it was standard this does not show a stopper, guess we will find out.
F) 1NT. OK, this one does show a stopper typically…
G) 3NT.
H) DJ. Kind of tempted by club 5 just because it is a problem, but 100% would lead a diamond IRL.

I have to admit the arguments for 1N on B are pretty good, especially at matchpoints. I ay change my vote.

November guesses:

A. 3c
B. 1S
C. 4s
D. 4d
E. 2d
F. 1n
G. 3n
H. Diamond jack

                       A     B     C     D     E         F       G         H
procrastinator        3C    1N    3S    5D    1N        1N      3N        DJ
oirg                  3C    1S    4S    4D    2D        1N      3N        DJ
SW                    1N    1N    3S    3N    1N         P      3D        DJ
Klaymen               3C    1N    4S     P    2D        1N      3D        DJ
ST                    3C    1N    4S    3N    2C        1N      2N        DJ
BTDT                  3C    2D    4S     P    2D        1N      2S        DJ
NN                    3C    1N    3S    3D    2H       Dbl      3C        DJ
veni vidi vici        3C    1N    3S    3N    2C         P      3N        DJ

Leading               3C    1N          3N    2D        1N      3N        DJ

Now everyone has voted. C is a 4-4 tie, so asking anyone who voted for a third choice which of the leaders he prefers wouldn’t help. I’ll wait until tomorrow to submit. If anyone wants to lobby further for their choice, the floor is open.

I’m also going to e-mail AO voters 4Sigma and Captain Nemo.

From 4Sigma by e-mail

I’ll let that break the tie.

PROBLEM A: 3 Clubs
PROBLEM B: 1 Notrump
PROBLEM C: 4 Spades
PROBLEM D: 3 Notrump
PROBLEM E: 2 Diamonds
PROBLEM F: 1 Notrump
PROBLEM G: 3 Notrump
PROBLEM H: Diamond Jack

                  A           B        C        D        E        F        G        H        Total
procrastinator    3C      100 1N   90  3S   80  5D   0   1N   100 1N   80  3N   100 DJ   100 650  
oirg              3C      100 1S   50  4S   90  4D   60  2D   70  1N   80  3N   100 DJ   100 650  
SW                1N      70  1N   90  3S   80  3N   100 1N   100 P    70  3D   50  DJ   100 660  
Klaymen           3C      100 1N   90  4S   90  P    90  2D   70  1N   80  3D   50  DJ   100 670  
ST                3C      100 1N   90  4S   90  3N   100 2C   60  1N   80  2N   70  DJ   100 690  
BTDT              3C      100 2D   100 4S   90  P    90  2D   70  1N   80  2S   10  DJ   100 640  
NN                3C      100 1N   90  3S   80  3D   80  2H   90  Dbl  100 3C   90  DJ   100 730  
veni vidi vici    3C      100 1N   90  3S   80  3N   100 2C   60  P    70  3N   100 DJ   100 700  
Submitted         3C      100 1N   90  4S   90  3N   100 2D   70  1N   80  3N   100 DJ   100 730  

                  3C      100 2D   100 3C   100 3N   100 1N   100 Dbl  100 3N   100 DJ   100   
                  1N      70  1N   90  4S   90  P    90  2H   90  1N   80  3C   90                
                              1S   50  3S   80  3D   80  2D   70  P    70  2N   70                
                                                4D   60  2C   60           3D   50                
                                                5D   0                     2S   10                

Our 730 did make the honor roll (tied 35-50) which required 720. NN also had 730

I just remembered that I hadn’t posted the new problems, because I was traveling and had internet connection issues.

A. 4H. I’m having trouble thinking of hands where I would prefer 3N from my side. If partner has S Jx or Qx or Jxx and three hearts I might prefer 3N from his side, but I don’t know how to make him bid it.

B 3N I wish I could cue the HA, but that would sound like three-card support. I’d bid 4D at IMPs, but +630 too likely here. Will be slamming if partner bids again.

C 2S. High-cards in the wrong suits for a 3S fit-jump. Being a passed hand, I’m good enough for 2S, and a negative double is much less clear.

D c2 No way am I opening 1N with 9 cards in the majors. No way am I opening the wrong major. And I’m too good to pass a 1N response. In some systems I could rebid 2S over 1N, but not in BWS.

E Pass. I am looking at 4+ tricks on defense and a singleton in partner’s suit. Of course I am trapping.

F With such ratty diamonds, I think I’ll bid 1S. 2H is also tempting.

G 4C. Not good enough for 2D. Too good for 3C.

H H8. I’d probably lead the S8 at matchpoints. I think I should be more aggressive at IMPs, but maybe not.

A) 3C
B) 6D
C) 2D
D) c2
E) Pass
F) 2D
G) 2D
H Diamond 8

I’ve let this go much too long. Must enter by Oct 31.

A) 4 hearts Don’t think there’s a way to explore for slam below game, and this is such a minimum invite. The diamond QJ might be extremely valuable, bu might not be.
B) 3NT.
C) 2S. This would be even harder if we weren’t a passed hand
D) (c2) 1H, then 2C. Start with 1H as our most likely fit, and will find an 8-card fit if we have one. 2C next since minimum and partner very unlikely to have 4 spades
E) P. Hoping for a plus score and that we’re not making game. Really tough if partner doubles.
F) 2D. Certainly not 1S. Second choice 1NT I suppose.
G) 4C. Since I would really want to bid again if opponents acted over 3C, I’ll clarify now that I likely have seven clubs
H) Spade 8. Passive looks right, and now Stamen suggest dummy may well have 4 clubs

This might be my worst set ever, by a lot.

                       A     B     C         D     E     F       G         H
SW                    4H    3N    2S    1H; 2C     P    2D      4C        S8
BTDT                  3C    6D    2D    1H; 2C     P    2D      2D        D8
veni vidi vici        4H    3N    2S    1H; 2C     P    1S      4C        H8

Leading                                 1H; 2C     P                        

Maybe it won’t be my worst month ever. With three voters, I have at least one vote agreeing with each of my bids, and my spade 8 lead is certainly a reasonable choice. (Since my second choice would have been a club, I would have no agreement with that either.)

Overall, we have leaders (requiring unanimity with only 3 voters) on 2 bids, and we do have unanimity that we should lead the 8 on H, even if we don’t agree which 8.

If you are thinking about leading a club on H, the BWS agreement is

That suggests that even though we have the club 8 and a club may be reasonable, the club 8 is probably not the right one to lead.

A. 4 hearts. With no black spot cards, either we have 8 card fit, or weakness in one black suit. 3NT being better, and being able to intelligently figure that out seems hard. Guessing it will not score well/
B. 4 clubs.
C. 2 diamonds. Tempted by 2S with the argument that since we did not open a weak two, our suit cannot be that good.
D. a). Gross. I did open 1S with a hand like this before, and it did not work out. n=1 and all that, but will try something different this time. I do like how c1 and c5 are both listed when they are more than an ace apart in average value.
E. 3 hearts.
F. 1 spade.
G. 4 clubs. Maybe the fact it is not listed in the footnotes should be a hint, but going for it anyhow.
H. Spade 8. Too much playing with the robots I guess.