Bridge: 2021 District 4 MSC (now also 2024)

6S got the top score at both matchpoints and imps. On the actual hand, 7 spades but not 7N would make.

For part A, leaning toward “No, should bid 3C (even though it’s not obvious what to bid next if partner calls 3D)”

For part B, it seems like at matchpoints “If there are several possible calls and 3NT is one of them, choose 3NT”.

A I agree with 3C. I think then I can reasonably bid some number of either red suit over 3D (and 3S would be OK as well).

B Since I’ve made an intelligent auction impossible, it seems I should blast. Both 3N and 6D seem like reasonable blasts. I also tend to favor 3N, but 6D is clearly the other option. Everything else is ridiculous given I’ve already misled partner.

I know this doesn’t make the bids “right”, but mine would have gotten the highest in game scores!

Hmmm. I actually don’t mind 2H. You aren’t short, but you have a worry in that suit for 3NT. And since partner didn’t indicate she had a heart stopper, I would actually shy away from 3NT now.

So I’ll say Agree and 5D.

Just to clarify structure of the questions, “Do you agree with South’s bidding so far?” SHOULD not mean “has the bidding worked out well, or worked out better than the alternatives”. It SHOULD just mean “was 1 spade the right bid over 1D, and 2 hearts the right bid after partner rebid 2D?”

Will all panelists interpret it that way? Maybe not.

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My entry


Part A wasn’t scored: a virtual dead heat between Yes and No (exact 8-8 tie among panelists. Yes had more Solver votes but the No Solvers were much more vehement in comments)

Part B 3NT only got 80. 4C got 100; 4D got 90. VVV’s 6D alternative (also my second choice) and AA’s 5D would each have gotten 70, the lowest score given to any choice of a panelist or solver. (District 4 scoring of non-winners is quite generous)(not suggesting that 5D or 6D were bad, but rather that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a choice get less than 60, no matter who ridiculous, while some Bridge World MSC choices get 0)

Hard to imagine anything except 3C. Surely takeout doubles should be taken out. Not going to try NT with only 10xxx in hearts. I have surprisingly much strength, but can’t see more than 3C with only 3.

I’m bidding 2S.

First of all, I think 2N is much better than 3C. Partner is showing lots of extras here by doubling again. He didn’t bid 2N himself the first time, so he probably has four cards in the majors. 2=2=4=5 seems to be his most likely shape. My heart stopper should be somewhat suspect. After all, I could pass for penalty with good hearts. If partner has xx Jx Kxxx AKQxx, I’ll make 2N, and that hand is way too weak for the second double.

The real question here is how 2S and 3H are to be taken. What I don’t want to do without a heart stopper is 3N. So, does 3H ask for half a stop? Is 2S showing a stop or a spade suit? A stop, I assume, since I would have overcalled if I had a spade suit biddable under theirs.

I’m thinking 2S is the best…clearly a stopper + values and leaves room to explore.

I wasn’t sure what to do and likely would have bid 2NT. Offhand, not positive what most things would mean, other than 3C, which I think shows a weak hand with clubs as my choice of suits. After reading the comments, I like 2S.

The one challenge with 2S is whether partner will think it is forcing or just an offer to play with a bad hand and six spades. So 3S might be more clear. Played from partner’s side, xx in hearts is effectively a stopper unless opener has AKQJx(x). Of course, maybe you want to bid 3H and represent a heart stopper, so partner bids 3N with (presumably) a spade card since the 1S bidder is obviously very weak. So maybe 3H is best, and you raise to 4S if partner bids 3S. Or maybe 3S is best because partner will bid NT because 3S is a “transfer to 3N” when bid over the strong opposing hand.

Anyway, 3H or 3S.

Pass scored 100, chosen by a majority of panelists and a plurality of solvers. 2S scored 90. Anything else chosen by at least one panelist or one solver (2NT, 3C, 3H, 3S and 3N) scored 80.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 7.36.49 PM

I must be missing something. Pass seems so obvious.

You don’t want to redouble (or bid 3S) to make sure partner leads a spade?

Aren’t you going to feel sick if LHO bids 3N, partner is afraid to lead away from his AQ, and they rattle off seven diamonds and two round-suit aces?

If partner has AQ of spades very unlikely they’ll end up at 3NT after partners preempt, I would think. 3S could help as a further preempt, but given your hand, not sure there is any fit for them to find and I don’t want to further discourage them. So I lean toward pass.

People with running minor suits have been known to bid 3N and hope. Also, there’s no reason opener can’t have Jxxx, dummy x, and partner AQ10xxx.

Certainly possible, but I feel like we have a good chance to score against “3NT and hope” or desperately searching for something else that might work.

I’ve got to enter by Tuesday. I was finding the arguments for redoubling or 3S, since I do want a spade lead, very persuasive. But now I’m again having second thoughts.

Does redouble ask for a spade lead or just show a strong hand inviting partner to double them with some defense?

Do I want to get us to the three level in spades? (We likely have only 8 spades, but they likely have 10 diamonds, which would say 3S may well be OK.)

Any merit to 3C, and would it suggest spade tolerance?

Tougher problem than I originally thought.