Breakfast for lunch

U jelly

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You and I should go for brunch some time!!! :fried_egg: :bacon: :pancakes: :coffee: :yum:

Lol brekkie :canada:

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i’ve been doing that basically every day since covid was a thing and prior to that it was my weekend normal, so no.

i was also told that my cholesterol was too high, possibly due to this new routine.

Bacon imo :bacon:

Breakfast for dinner tonight. Bacon & eggs, hash browns, english muffins and a fruit salad.

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Are you talking about having typical breakfast victuals for a lunch meal?

or did you not eat breakfast and your first meal of the day is at “lunch time”?

I’m planning to have breakfast foods for supper this evening.

Did you go for brunch last weekend???

I did not. I flew on Saturday and got in on time for dinner, not brunch. Sunday did not go to brunch. I don’t think it will work out this weekend with what we are doing this weekend. Probably will make it a point to do brunch next weekend.

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Absolutely, We don’t do this often enough.

I haven’t done brunch in years.

I want pancakes

Heading out for breakfast to the local diner now.

Isn’t that just brunch?

If I get bacon, eggs, and toast, that sounds like breakfast to me.

Brunch is after noon. Before noon and its breakfast

That sounds more like brunch. It just lunch. My typical breakfast is milk and cereal, with berries. And a mug of tea.

Now that i work at home, I sometimes make toast and eggs for lunch, because it’s and easy warm meal.

Turned out to be biscuits with sausage gravy and a side of scrambled.

I tried “brunch near me” on Google maps. Panera and Tim Horton’s were a couple of the choices. :rofl: