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Geez, more of a blog post, with a request for suggestions at the end.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not particularly fond of my neighbour. But his wife and my wife are best friends. His wife just called my spouse, it was her husband’s 60th a couple days ago and she’s sobbing because she didn’t do much and he’s seeming a bit depressed. So my spouse just asked me to pick him up a bottle of tequila, and I guess we’re going over there tonite.

Queue the real reason IMO is that NOBODY did anything for his birthday because a)he’s a dink and b) he does nothing for anyone else. I thought that maybe I should send a text saying happy birthday, and I probably should’ve but never bothered. And now his wife is dealing with the realization that nobody cares that he’s 60.

So I figure if we’re going to put in the effort, I don’t think we should half-ass it. I suggested that we have them over for supper tonite, along with another couple that’s part of their family. Spouse is babysitting today so I’ll have to break early and figure out a nice dinner for 6 of us. Does that seem reasonable?

In terms of the tequila, that seems like an afterthought and if we’re going to do it, might as well actually do it. So what do I get a 60yo man for his birthday on short notice, who doesn’t have any hobbies or interests other than tv and eating? That also doesn’t look like an afterthought?

I’m not sure that “let’s give 'em alcohol when they’re depressed” is a good response.

Doing dinner sounds like a good start.

I don’t see any reason to get a gift. Providing dinner, IMO, is “gift enough”.


A TV tray so he can partake of both of his favorite hobbies in comfort.


Get him a gift when he turns 64 . . . cuz . . . 2^6

I like the way you think, but I’m trying to reduce drama not increase it.

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Take him ice fishing.
I didn’t say bring him back.


If you don’t want to have him over to your place, … does he have a favorite place to go eat? Maybe a gift certificate there. I would not make yourself miserable in your own house just because he’s 60 and his wife feels bad about it for some reason.

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That’s kind of where I landed. It’s a tough situation if your wife likes the other wife though, and you want your wife happy…

But in general I’d feel no obligation to cheer up a boring neighbor.

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A box of Depends?

I wish you were my neighbor. You don’t even like the guy and you do nice stuff for him. You’re a cool dude, space lobster.


Yeah I’d have no contact but my wife and his…kind of a package deal. And if I start being standoffish then that’s me being the bad guy. So yeah, I’ll suck it up and be pleasant.


Find out what his favorite (favourite?) food is and make that if you can.

Does have a bird feeder? I hear old people like watching birds.

He’s not that old!
And get off my lawn!!

agree, don’t half ass it, that is more depressing - full ass it.

Dinner is a nice thought, but I am missing something…

Did his wife try to do something and no one responded? or are you just cleaning up her mess?
Doesn’t really matter, just curious. Many couples we hang with there is many times a spouse you wouldn’t do anything with without a buffer

A 60 yo man is pouting because people didn’t make a fuss over his birthday?

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My wife and I are often buffers for a couple when they are with yet another couple.
The three of us couples do not often get together, but we feel sorry sometimes for that third couple. Until we get together with them. Then it’s another three months away from them.
Each of the third couple, when they are not with the other, are far more tolerable.

I don’t have any friends that would invite my husband and me for a birthday dinner. I can’t think of any friends that even know my birthday.

My sisters & I are hit and miss on celebrating birthdays.

I am thinking - if you cared about your birthday - your husband would arrange for the dinner with friends

with FB, I know a lot more birthdays than I used to

Nope he has never done that.The only adult birthday party I had was a combined graduation/Mothers Day/birthday thing bc they were all the same weekend. My sisters planned it.

If I wanted a friend party I’d have to plan it myself and that feels weird so I won’t.