Bill Gates

Good? Bad? Ugly?

Overall the world is a better place because of him, so “good”

He, mostly good
The situation; ugly

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Microsoft sux

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i luv excel

it’s amazing (or maybe not) how you can spend decades curating your image only to have it destroyed in 2 weeks

What have I missed? I’m off Twitter and only check the news once per day.

lots if stuff coming out on how he would hit on women in Microsoft or the Foundation

i think the only real victim is Melinda, and looks like she’ll be very well compensated

I don’t think you can reasonably expect to have any sense of fidelity if you begin a relationship with a mega rich/powerful person.

I don’t really care about his sex life, that’s between him and Melinda to sort out. I do care about being subjected to Windows, Office products, and IE for decades, all of which are steaming piles of crap.


They started dating in 1987 at which point he was listed as the 29th richest American by Forbes, behind quite a few people I’ve never heard of. So he certainly wasn’t poor or unpowerful, but not quite at the level to which he ultimately rose. Microsoft’s IPO was in 1986 and hadn’t risen to the dominance it would later achieve.

I feel like the powerless employees he hit on are the victims here, not Melinda.

(And all of us for some of what the microsoft empire imposed on all of us.)


I dunno. If my all powerful boss (who I didn’t find attractive) hit on me, I wouldn’t feel like I was victimized. Probably just creepy for a few weeks. Maybe even a little flattered.

As a woman who has been hit on by a person in a senior position to me professionally, it is an unfair situation to put a person in. I ended up quitting to get out of the situation because I didn’t think I could complain about it without consequences to myself, I didn’t want to be the subject of gossip anymore, and there was no peaceful resolution to the situation for me.

It was also flattering, for a second, but mostly just terrible and I felt trapped due to the power imbalance.


Heart is out of solidarity, not liking that you were in that position. You’re spot on… not fair to put a subordinate in that position.

I was at a job where the grand-boss was obviously having an affair with a subordinate and… it was just not a good situation for anyone. That was pretty obviously consensual though. I can only begin to imagine if it wasn’t. Either way, those things are just bound to end very badly if they don’t end in marriage.

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My insurance company experience involves a bunch of executives 40 years older than me who weren’t attractive at all. Just the thought of being hit on would make my skin crawl.

I mean it’s not that an older person can’t be attractive but the harsh life of an executive really puts a dent on their health and appearance, usually.

Well this particular executive wasn’t 40 years older than you. :wink: