Bill Cosby conviction overturned by PA Supreme Court

Basically, he provided testimony in a civil suit that was used against him. He agreed to provide that testimony in exchange for it to not be used against him in the subsequent prosecution…or something like that.

I did not see that coming.

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An unsatisfying outcome given it appears he truly did it but the price of guaranteed due process I think


I did. The entry of that testimony should never have been allowed in his criminal trial. Putting out a statement that he is not going to be prosecuted which then allows compelled testimony in a civil suit that is subsequently used in a criminal trial is an end run around the 5th amendment. I was surprised the trial judge allowed it in the 1st place.

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My understanding was that the prosecution had publicly announced they wouldn’t use the testimony, but hadn’t actually formally agreed not to do so in writing.

Then they used it anyway. His [attorney’s] argument was that he had relied on the public statement before giving the testimony and wouldn’t have given it otherwise.

IANAL, but that actually seems like it might be reasonable. Unfortunate, in that it appears that he truly is guilty though.

Yes, it seems that he’s guilty and also that he was illegally convicted, and the appeal is correct.

Cosby lawyer ‘thrilled’ at overturned conviction
I realize that the defense lawyer is obligated to be an advocate for their client no matter how filthy-ass-guilty that client is, but the first thing that popped into my head was…
“Cosby lawyer ‘thrilled’ at overturned conviction…because now she can rack up some more lawyer fees?

he’s like 100 years old and blind. i’m guessing he won’t like do this again anyway and therefore isn’t a threat to society.

I dunno apparently those retirement homes are full of STDs

maybe those grannies will want a piece of little billy.

He is America’s Dad after all

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Picture pages…picture pages…time to get your picture pages…

ROFL and RN. (God I’m old.)

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Bill Cosby has announced a comedy tour in 2023. Think he will be playing to sold out venues?

Probably burned through a lot of his fortune paying for lawyers. But :nauseated_face:, you couldn’t pay me enough to see him.


Isn’t he blind now? And so old that he can’t really walk around. I wonder if he can still contort his face and body and voice like he did for so much of his career. Seems that was half his shtick.

If I had been in the position I am now 20-40 years ago (before all this came out) I might have gone to a show. But now that I can, I wouldn’t.

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Google says he is 85 and completely blind. I wouldn’t go see him, though I loved him back in the day, and I even have a comedy album of his. It’s the one about kids being brain damaged and chocolate cake for breakfast.

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I have that same album on cassette and nothing to play it on now that I’ve changed cars. (My 2004 car had a cassette player, which was awesome. But my 2020 does not… it was hard enough to get one with a CD player.)

Cue those who don’t want to buy a new car because they don’t have cassette or even CD players. Was that @dr_t_non-fan?

Watching an 85 year old blind rapist sounds like a train wreck rather than funny. People might go for the horror factor