Biden's DOJ review of September 11, 2001 Attacks

That interpretation isn’t compelling to me, but I guess I could see how someone might be trying to say that.

My religious tradition is very “yay America!”, and this guy in particular is very patriotic, so…

One thought comes to mind - some of the families of 1st responders are bringing civil suits against the Saudis. I’ll bet there is a fair amount of intel wrt Saudi state department aiding the suicide squads.

Just spit balling here. Might be good to know who are good friends are. The bin Laden family is a pretty big deal there with close connections to the royals.

Fun fact: the bin Laden family was the first family to purchase a jet liner, way back when. The patriarch had 54 children at the time.

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So, Osama was a middle child? Typical.

Even allowing 4 wives, that is a lot.

Wiki says he had 22 wives.

Wiki also has this to say about the 4 wives thing:

He fathered a total of 52 children by 11 wives. He had three wives who mostly remained the same but the fourth wife was said to change frequently.

So I guess half the wives didn’t manage to produce offspring for him.

off spring of the “appropriate” flavor . . .