Biden caves to Russia

Drops sanctions on Nord Stream 2

Reversing previous declarations by Biden and Blinken

Effectively hangs Ukraine out to dry.

Yet he cancels Keystone XL due to climate change.

No mention yet on or

I read the linked article and that’s pretty much all I know about this. Did Germany request the lifting of the sanctions? How does it leave Ukraine out to dry?

So currently a lot of Russian gas destined for Europe transits thru Ukraine. Ukraine can shut off the tap if Russia causes them problems. (Once Russia shut Ukraine’s gas off for non-payment - possibly “non-payment” as I struggle to remember exact details-, Ukraine restricted the flow onwards) Ukraine now loses this degree of leverage.

Yes, Germany wants the pipeline. However, if the Greens continue to rise, that might change.


Is this one of those blah blah mainstream media blah blah things? They did cover it. For example, this was posted 14 hours before you said they didn’t mention it. Biden under fire from Congress for waiving sanctions on Russian gas pipeline company

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Yes, it was. Although it might be more a indictment of their search algorithms and my usage of them. I used each site’s search using the term “NordStream 2” on phone. NBC turned up a page and 1/2 of unrelated ads I didn’t scroll past to see the link. CNN turned up nothing. If I search “Nord Stream 2”, CNN shows several articles. Thanks for the correction.