Biden acceptance speech

A little disappointed in Harris. I loved her joy, but her intro was more partisan than i expected.

Biden is following the game plan i was expecting.

His speech is refreshing after four years of Trump.
The question is, will all the let’s work together talk amount to anything, or will it end up just being rhetoric and business as usual. Not hoping for that, we’ll see what happens.

This is one time a “Both Sides!” comment is appropriate.

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Biden doesn’t care about a second term. He could get a lot done.

Ball is in McConnell’s court imo. Not feeling hopeful.

Comment I heard when Biden was speaking: MANA! Make American normal again.

I appreciate that Biden’s speech wasn’t across the street from an adult bookstore. It’s little touches like that which really pushed it over the edge for me.

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I guess I put this in the wrong thread:

I enjoyed Biden’s speech tonight. It was a little long, but who cares. It’s been so long since a president spoke like a president, it actually made me cry. He praised and thanked his wife! He praised and thanked others for several minutes - how unusual!. He even thanked ME! (a poll worker).

This administration certainly has its work cut out. I do hope that we can make some progress in the next few years.

What part bugged you? I didn’t catch all of it.