BG's artist/group of the day

Working from home, I get to listen to whatever I want, and usually, at any volume level I want when no one else i home.

Lately, I’ve been devoting most of the day’s listening to one artist or band. Some recent ones:

Bruce Springsteen
The Who
Barry Manilow
Chick Corea

Today’s band:

Judas priest

Rarely do you see Barry Manilow and Judas Priest on any sort of list together.

You have eclectic tastes, sir.

Having difficulty parsing this out . . . unless it’s a typo.

Might I suggest The Police?

And Sting?

I think you’ll find some subtle differences in the two in spite of a common denominator.


I’ll make a note of these.

Sting is definitely more mellow than the Police.

The early Sting stuff is quite jazzy, with Branford Marsalis and Kenny Kirkland. Later stuff, meh.

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I have tons of stuff. From English punk to California punk. Classical jazz to electronic jazz. 50’s crooners to 60-70’s singers. British invasion to New Wave. Heavy metal to hair metal. 80’s rap to gangsta rap. Polkas to bluegrass. 80’s pop to 90’s pop. Jangle rock to grunge.

Like Billy Joel said many years ago: It’s still rock 'n roll to me.

But do you have country rap?

On a related note: Netflix “Explained” series has one on “what is country music” . . . it was quite interesting, IMO.


Very little country for some reason. Not much Gospel, either.

If you’re interested in an eclectic variety of styles of country music:

Kenny Rogers
Garth Brooks
The Oak Ridge Boys
The Judds
Johnny Cash
The Highwaymen (FTR, with the exception of Johnny, I tend to like these guys when they’re together a bit more than their solo works).

Today’s band: Barenaked Ladies :canada:

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Just today? It could take One Week to get through all their stuff.

Yesterday: Stone Temple Pilots

Today: The Cure

Though both yesterday and today I had a bunch of calls and online training, so listening was at a minimum.