Benjamin Rage

Alright something just pissed me off. Back in elementary school I got some marks off on some spelling test cause I spelled Benjamin with an r. And after getting a verbal beatdown from my mom I told her I swear the teacher said it with an r, or at least that’s what I would have told her if I didn’t want an actual beatdown for talking back.

And there was a kid in my class who also pronounced his own name with an r. So like what gives, does Benjamin have a silent r in it? Or was this just a really bad dream or something…

Your spelling tests included first names? I don’t remember having any of those.


Where are you thinking there might be an “r” in it?


Where was the r? Benjarmin?

  1. where would the “r” sound go? Benjermin? Bendramin?
  2. what type of spelling test has a proper noun, unless you misspelled your own name?
  3. obviously no silent “r” as we already determined it is not spelled with an “r”. Not in the word and not pronounced? that is a seriously ninja letter.
  4. does it have a pronounced “r” sound that is not obvious? Only if you know a kid name Benjamin with a speech impediment.

Brenjamin? Benjarmin? Benjamrin?

Yeah but it was closer to Benjermin


Oh my bad, not silent, I mean the other way around where there are extra letters in the pronunciation.

What kind of spelling test is based only on verbal statements of the words where you aren’t provided a written list in advance?

The true irony is Colonel does have an “invisible “r””


Did you ask for the etymology? To use it in a sentence?

A yellow fruit. Also, a pudding. A delicious pudding.

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Lieutenant has a silent “f”, in some dialects.


And aluminum has an extra syllable.

“On some Tom Petty songs, you can hear Ben jammin’ on the keyboards.”

That’s how I say it in my head too. I have to code switch when meeting new Benjamins.

RN, Gus.

Except when you say it in french, then it’s pronounced the way it’s written…at least, that’s how they did it on that french spy show on netflix.

You silly English k-nig-hit


UK pronunciation, idear, soder, tunar. They can’t speak English over there.

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