Beijing ‘weaponized’ roaming elephants

This is the original article this its review of in

The article and its review are quite interesting. Before these elephants became popular I didn’t even know China had elephants.

A paragraph in the original article is newsworthy

Beijing’s co-ordinated tactics and its ability to mobilise large numbers of citizens give it an organisational edge over Washington. This is bolstered by Beijing’s very deep pockets. Regulatory filings found that China spent $19 million in a four-year period funding sponsored supplements in American newspapers; it has paid millions to lobbyists to place pro-China articles in US media and cultivate a cadre of “third-party supporters” to write sympathetic articles in American newspapers. In this way, Beijing is able to weaponise the propaganda potential offered by the free US press, while Washington is almost unable to break into the closed shop of Chinese state-run newspapers.

if playing Age of Empires taught me anything it’s that Persia had war elephants

Sounds familiar to what another country has been doing.