Been a while. Now fully vaccinated

Work. Family. Kids.

Took up a lot of my time. Now fully vaccinated with AZ vaccine (UK oldies took up all of the Pfizer vaccine unfortunately. The Moderna shots now go to the under 30s).

Flying to Iceland in June for 1 month of R&R as it has been a busy year. Need a short break so we are staying at the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon for a week in June. Will also be doing a big road trip after: Ring road for 3 weeks. Will be showing the family a few sights.

Happy to see the US is less crazy now.

Unfortunately, the UK has become the crazy one now.

I try to spend as much time away “on business” as I can as most international travel is blocked now.

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Yo, Paulie!!! I’ll hafta check out the local joints with a half decent Happy Hour fer ya!!! :beers: :pizza: :burrito:

I think there’s a Hard Rock Cafe in Rejkjavik!!! :thinking:

Yo, Paulie!!! This Blew La Goon joint doesn’t seem to have a Happy Hour!!! Kinda reminds me of that Georges Sank dump you went to a while ago!!! :unamused:

I had Iceland lined up for last September but covid. Any quarantine requirements? It was part of a broader trip. Maybe I can get that segment carved off for something this year with my gang.

Starting May 1st (maybe a few weeks delay),

You can enter Iceland (if from US) with your vaccination passport. No need for quarantine.

They may change this, but only to likely add a PCR test when you land. You would then have to self-isolate until you got the results (usually less than 12 hours so it should not be a big issue).

What about kids? Vaccines aren’t approved for kiddos yet, if the adults are vaxxed but the children aren’t, what’s the protocol?

Good question.

Looks like if the group (family) is fully vaccinated and the kids are under 6 (and obviously not vaccinated), you would (at most) get the PCr test on the adults on arrival (it is assumed the kids won’t have it if the adults don’t).

Over 6 (this age might be increased to say 11 from what I have been told), they need to do a PCr test as well with the vaccinated adults on arrival.

That makes sense, I googled this a while ago and didn’t see a ton of good info. Fingers crossed the vaccines continue to provide good protection against variants and it’s reasonably safe to hit Europe in the fall.

It’s now officially on.

UK just released its Green List of countries

Iceland is on it. :slight_smile:

Some pretty lol ones as well

South Sandwhich Islands
Falkland Islands
St Helena
Tristan de Cunha

People in the UK are ripping into the list. These places are so remote, it can take you a week just to get there.

Napoleon liked St. Helena so much, he never left.

Or something like that…