Bastille Day Plans

Hey are you guys gonna do anything for Bastille Day? Will Tadej take it all back on the Alpe D’Huez?

Also, do rich people celebrate Bastille Day or…is it awkward and divisive kind of like how Independence Day is in the US?

Independence Day is awkward and divisive in the US? I think that’s only a thing on the internet

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my mother’s birthday is on Bastille Day. Bonus, she taught high school French for 20 years, so it’s kind of a co-celebration for her. Tomorrow I’m probably going to give her a call. We’ll have some dinner and dessert on Friday.

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I will be massacring the French language while visiting Montréal.



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Some people got rich because of the french revolution, so of course they celebrate.
Another inane Q by CS. Keep em coming!

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A large number of my younger liberal friends, especially women, did nothing to celebrate it this year with the rollbacks of rights just before.

My partner and I stayed in and watched a movie, played video games. Was very nice.

I broke out the vinyl for my listening tribute.

I don’t consider myself overly woke or performative, but we boycotted Independence Day celebrations this year, cuz this country has gone from shit to nuclear waste and what is there to celebrate?

That’s a shame. I’m very happy to live in the US, all things considered.

Yeah, for all it’s many problems it’s still one of the best countries out there. I sure wouldn’t want to be living in China or India (home of 37% of the world’s population) or pretty much anywhere in the developing world.

Western Europe or Canada… maybe, although I’d worry the healthcare wasn’t as good.

If I had my pick* I think I’d still pick the US though.

*And truly, we all do have our pick. None of us is required to stay.

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I am happy to live where I do, given it could be a lot worse. My America has been good to me.

But that doesn’t mean I’m proud of this country. Being proud would mean I’m not terrified of the Supreme Court, that I’m not embarrassed of who we are electing to lead us, that I believe we aren’t fundamentally racist and sexist, and that I’m not the frog swimming obliviously in the pot. Being proud would suggest that my America is the only America.

I am certainly grateful to not fear for my life and well-being every moment, every day. But plenty of Americans don’t have that privilege. Their America isn’t your America. Their America isn’t the land of the free. That’s why I don’t celebrate, because their America matters more than mine does.