Balsamic vinegar recommendations?

@Mathman Any chance you have a farmer’s market or a store that lets you sample the vinegars before buying? I know that Po life, I’ve been blessed with available vinegars at least. It’s nice to suss out the ones that taste like fake additives before buying!

Only in the warmer months.

I’m feeling good about what I ordered. Fingers crossed!

Mmmm, you can really taste the goat.



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Don’t keep us waiting!!!

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It arrived an hour ago. I am currently enjoying on some fruit. Need to go to the grocery store later and will pick up some various cheeses. The goat cheese I have is an herb flavored one, I don’t know that it would complement.

Oh, and it’s very delicious. Using the “cheaper” of the three on the fruit.


Only the best here.


Tried with goat cheese, very delicious.

Tried with strawberries, very delicious.

Bought some burrata, will try that next.

Haven’t gotten vanilla ice cream yet.


Burrata with blistered cherry tomatoes on the menu tonight.


I tried some on a few cheeses we had laying around the house. It’s pretty legit.

A caprese salad feels like where I’d like to dig in here.



How was it?

Excellent. Might add some fresh basil next time (only had dried last night).

Reminiscent of a flatbread recipe I used to make, when I ate bread. Naan with mozzarella cheese, toasted, topped with hot blistered tomatoes, balsamic, and avocado. Great party appetizer.

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Had a caprese salad tonight. I’m pretty impressed. If I could nitpick, the acidity is just a bit high and it’s not quite balanced by the sweetness. Still really good, and what the hell do I know about vinegar?

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All 200 mL of that balsamic vinegar has been consumed. Only took a month and a half, and that was me pacing myself!!

I will be ordering some more, it was very very tasty.

Related, a buddy from Tunisia gave me a bottle of cold pressed olive oil from Tunisia. Told me it’s the best olive oil ever. I’ve no way to verify the claim.

I gave him some moose liver. Unclear who got the best deal.

goose liver would be better

Not sure if an actual recommendation yet, but there is a local shop here that sells both traditional dark and white balsamic vinegars, and olive oils. I was able to taste test a few of the vinegars and bought a fig dark and a wild raspberry white. I haven’t tried on any foods yet, but I also bought a Tuscan herb olive oil to pair the fig one with on recommendation from the clerk, and plan to try it on a salad. The fig one was exceptionally tasty.

I didn’t try their unflavored balsamics (because I’m so happy with what I already buy), but I think this will be a nice addition.

Per ounce it is definitely way cheaper than other authentic vinegars, but they claim it is made in Modena (no idea for how long they’re aged, though!), and I enjoyed the samples I tried. Not sure if I would enjoy on ice cream or fruit (I’ll definitely give it a try though), but for salad dressings and cooking I see it hitting the spot.