Which side of the bagel is better? The smooth side or the flat side?

Related, which side do you eat first?

Unless you get your bagel bread sliced, which is the best way to eat a bagel with cream cheese but not when you add on lox.

Needs some red onion and good salty capers too!!! :yum:


It’s not like NA suggested a cinnamon rai-SIN bagel or anything. :man_shrugging:

That would be wrong on so many levels!!!

Yes to capers. No to red onion. I only do pickled red onion and have none on hand.

Wait, what?? You don’t like bagels?

My husband’s favorite bagel is everything with strawberry cream cheese.

Either of those things is excellent, but why put them together? I don’t get it.


:drooling_face: :yum:

wait, you don’t slice the bagel for lox?

I don’t bread slice it for lox. I slice it normal for lox.

Bread slice is exactly what it sounds like. You slice the bagel from top to bottom, about a quarter inch thick. I take these slices and dip them into cream cheese on the go.

But lox makes it a sandwich.

Tough question. It depends on the bagel for sure. My current favorite is an Asiago cheese bagel, and in that case it all comes down to the cheese distribution. You get more cheese on top, generally, but the cheese on the bottom is superior. It’s been baked a bit more and almost has a deep fried thing going on.

For something like a plain wheat bagel, I generally have a slight preference for the top.

I save the best for last and eat my less preferred side first. Unless I’m not going to finish the bagel, then I start with the better half.


This sounds terrible. Strawberry cream cheese is reserved for walnut raisin bread (toasted) or graham crackers (white trash fave).

I like bagels, but not if ruined with red onions and capers.

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Cinnamon raisin bagel with the butter melted in after it toasts is a typical breakfast for me.


don’t ruin them by slicing them “bread style” or whatever that is either!

Yesterday I went to Panera after my labs and ordered a cinnamon crunch bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. For a minute the drive thru screen said cinnamon raisin and I almost panicked. But then the guy fixed it.


Too many Questions. Need numeration.

  1. The outside. “Everything” bagel or GTFO.
  2. Wait, you’re asking top or bottom? Tie.
  3. I schmear both the top’s and bottom’s insides, make it a sandwich, no more “slices” (but if necessary, cut diagonally), eat the top and bottom simultaneously. Schmear goes in the mouth, not on the mouth.

Your bagel has corners too?

DTNF buys non-Euclidean bagels.


That is a reference to a years-ago social media debate over the best way to slice a sandwich. You see (mansplain hat on), a bagel is symmetric about its Z-axis, thus “diagonal” has no meaning in this situation. Therefore, it’s funny (mansplain hat off).