Backyard mice

They could fit in my soffits for sure, not sure if they could climb up though. Need to get rid of the woodpile it seems…

If you have a newer build it shouldn’t be an issue, the main point of entry would likely be an open garage/house door, although if your dryer vent is exposed that is possible. That is more likely approaching winter though, as they look for warmth.

If you don’t have pets or young kids to worry about, baited & poisoned traps should do a lot of work if you are worried about it. Or like others said, if you do have pets they may be of use. Personally our cats have caught 3 mice, but they just lay on their side and bonk them when they move until I go deal with it.

It is only a problem when they believe you are living in their front yard

First identify what you saw. My guess is field mouse, house mouse, or vole. If it is a house mouse that is a concern as it wants to live in a house (a human structure). Voles and field mice will live and eat outside in your yard. I am against letting cats outside unsupervised as they are so harmful to small bird populations.

I’d also like to add that cats just suck in general.