Back to lockdown

This weekend is Canadian thanksgiving, so happy thanksgiving y’all.

Unfortunately we are going back into lockdown, per the govt. they are getting brisk with Thanksgiving gatherings. We normally have 30 people. This year was supposed to be just my family and kids, and my spouse’s sister and their kids, but looks like we are not going to even do that. Just the six of us (kids and their so’s, no sisters family).

Someone hurry up with a vaccine please. I miss entertaining.

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That’s…more people than my usual non-covid thxgiving dinners.

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We usually have about 10. My mother and sister would like to do it, but my brother and I won’t participate. I’m trying to talk folks into doing at least a brief zoom gathering on Thanksgiving day.

We’re going to my sister’s place this weekend for Thanksgiving. There will only be 9 of us, plus a little dog!

We normally have a gathering of 15-20. Not sure if that’s happening, but it won’t be that big as I’m sure some folks will not travel for it.

My nephews’ school in Utah just shut down again.

Utah as a whole is “shutting down.”

That’s going to go over well in Utah County…

Have there been any jurisdictions where a mask “mandate” has really had any teeth? I recall here, when the mayor first issued one, basically the only civil “consequence” you would face for not having a mask was that the police might ask you to put one on.

Are there places where you can be fined or even jailed for refusing to wear a mask?

Off-topic: I wonder how many states have counties with names the same as another state?
Guessing there are a lot of Washington Counties. CA has a Nevada County.

Good thing I don’t have to get out a map, because someone’s already thought of it and made a list.

Looks like my son gets to quarantine for a few weeks. Apparently, “in one or more classes your scholar was assigned to a seat that is adjacent to the scholar who has tested positive”.

There are a lot of King and Queen counties

It can be a $300 fine in MA, although the article ends by saying no one has been fined, yet.

Now they’ve decided to close his school completely until after Thanksgiving.

It’s like it’s a communicable disease that travels well in poorly circulated air and crowds of breathing people, like schools, and it affects people in very adverse ways, up to and including death.
I understand this is all new information, but still.

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The district next door to ours has reopened. Let’s see how long that lasts.
Ours have opened for specific students only (ED, ESL).
Ours are opening on a very restricted schedule (two hours a day) next week.

Anywho, I think that P.E. should be only Lacrosse. Just running with the ball in the net, passing back and forth, shooting at goals. The perfect COVID activity.

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Cases increased 70% over the past 2 weeks in NY. getting scary here. We probably should go back to lockdown, but I’m assuming they are trying their best to avoid that since all businesses are gonna fail. this is gonna be a long scary winter :frowning: and it isn’t even cold here yet! in fact, it was hot today. I wanted to turn on my ac, but the building shuts off the ac in the building after summer is over, so i can’t.

My AC is on a thermostat, and i hadn’t actually turned it off, and it came on last evening. That was a surprise!

I need to close it down for the winter. Mostly, i need to build a cage to keep chipmunks out. They have chewed through wires and broken it twice, now.

I’m annoyed that the Outpost died. I guessed we’d return to the office in September 2021 and people doubted. Now our office is now closed through June at minimum.