Back from Jury Service (1 month)

They they deserve to get paid more for giving up their time off. And since minimum wage jobs are easy to come by, they demonstrably prefer to work fewer hours for less pay, so there is no perverse incentive.

I remember when I was looking for an after-school job in high school job I briefly looked at working at a local grocery store. It was a union shop; to work there you had to join the union.

I would have started at what was then (late 1980’s) minimum wage of $3.25 an hour, before having $0.25 or $0.50/hour deducted for union dues.

Now, in fairness, if you worked your way up within that chain, the benefits and job security were pretty decent thanks to the union. But for a dumb high school kid who was just looking to earn money to buy a luggable PC for college…I found work elsewhere.


In the USA I have been called 5 times and served on one jury. Twice I was a reserve juror (on call). I’ve lived in ND and WI and in both states we’re subject to being called every 4 years.

What was your case when you served?

I’ve posted a little about mine, both here and on AO. It was in Oregon.

Two unrelated cases of assault, involving the same defendant. I assume that both sides agreed to a joint trial to save money, but it was a bit prejudicial in that it just made the defendant seem like even more of a punk.

After the trial I learned that there were also outstanding cases against him for robbery and fraud.

I voted guilty on all charges. He was involved. Not necessarily the instigator or the worst participant, but he beat up on other people for reasons that were not self-defense. Feel comfortable with the verdict, if not with how it was reached (guy changed his vote because I think he didn’t want to miss any more work).

Got treated to some really really gruesome pictures that will never fully escape my memory.


Sorry about the pictures - from what I’ve heard that’s a daily occurrence for those who serve on grand jury.

I often sat in on major claims discussions. I told the claims people that pictures for property claims can be helpful, but I’d rather not see pictures for any injury claims.

My ex used to do accident investigations and it was his job to take some of those pictures.

Saw this thread and almost commented it’s been years since I got a summons. Sure enough got one in the mail yesterday, we’ll see if my string of getting tossed from jury pools continues or if I’ll be on a case.

Didn’t know the jury people were using AI to detect people’s discussions on the internet. (tfh)


It’s September 18. If I remember this thread then, I’ll try and update.

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:lolup: courthouses using technology

That’s just what they WANT you to think!!

I’ve gotten 2 summons in my life. Sat through 1 day of selection for a minor crime and got sent home ( can’t remember if they settled or just picked different people) and didn’t have to go in for the 2nd (call in the night before to find out if not needed but still counts as serving for future selection).

In ND I had a disorderly conduct case. A man was stopped in the vicinity of a break-in for questioning. Man got tired of waiting for the police and tried to leave and ended up fighting with the police which led to the charges. I felt kinda sorry for the guy but we convicted him. Not sure but I think he got 30 days.


I experienced bias as well during my recent jury duty service

They were prosecuting a young black man for possessing a firearm as a felon. Everyone in the jury found him to be guilty except the three black women on the jury.

During the trial the young black man’s mom began to weep uncontrollably and had to be comforted by family. I think the black women on the jury were moved by this and could not bring themselves to say “guilty”

Unbelievable. Another criminal back on the streets. Thanks guys!

I have been excused.

Their phone system sucks but at least I don’t have to go. Automated system. Call after 5 on Sunday. Really this can’t be up on Friday? Whatever. Call in 5. System won’t work. Doesn’t work until about 5:05, then get through. Call back between 11:30 - 12:00 for possible service in afternoon. Go through their damn automated system starting at 11:32 - first 4 calls through the system when I get to the “for jury service part” it transfer to there and goes dead. Wtf? Finally 11:40 the system works and goes all the way through and so you’re excused we’ll summon you again in the future if we need you.


In Milwaukee they just put up a web page. The three times that I’ve needed to use it updates have been timely.

OTH they don’t pay for your parking and the notice time they give you does not really give you enough time to ride the bus into the courthouse.

Feels like there should be a system where employers pay into a state/federal fund, and jurors are compensated at their regular hourly rate.

I’m sure we can draft up guidelines for “average daily pay” for people like contractors, tipped workers, anybody who gets occasional spikes in income, etc. And pay at least minimum for unemployed people.