Avocado ban

Uhhhh so I heard sushi is about to get way more expensive cause we banned avocados from Mexico due to drugz or something.

Isn’t that going to make things even more lucrative for the cartels? Don’t eat those avocados! You never know who stuck one up their butt to get it across the border.

I read that a health inspector (U.S.) was threatened or something like that.

I’m guessing the price goes up immediately, even though yesterday my store was plentifully stocked, cuz profits.

Just spit-ballin here

maybe avocados shouldn’t be in sushi


We should go for a green dragon roll at a sushi place sometime!! :sushi: :dragon:

@JFG: You are more than welcome to join us!! Depending where you go, you get smoked eel or tempura shrimp in the roll!!! That’s some goooooood eatin’ right there!!! :yum:

Can Canada still import avocados? Meet me at Windsor to hand me the good stuff plz.

I prefer my sushi to be simple: rice, fish, and wasabi

none of this vegetable (or fruit masquerading as vegetable) crap

As I said too late to my dad, the first time he ate sushi as he lifted a big smear of wasabi to his mouth “that’s not avocado!”


Do not eat the pistachio ice cream. It has turned.

Thankfully, my sushi-eating companions warned me just before the wasabi hit my uninitiated tongue. :slight_smile:

Cartels already sell a lot of avocados from Mexico. If you eat a lot of avocado that you don’t know where it’s from, you’ve probably eaten a cartel avocado.

A cartelcado?

I like my avocados laced with onions and lime juice


What the guac you talkin’ 'bout?