Average question

Somebody help me out here, can someone explain the difference between these two scenarios of particular average?

A particular average of cargo can be either (1) a total loss of part of the shipment of (2) a partial loss of the whole shipment or part of the shipment.

I’m getting 60% of the time it works every time vibes

Um, just the conceptual difference between shipping 100 units, and 5 get dropped off the ship too early, vs all 100 get splashed with a wave and lose 5% of their value, or 25 getting splashed and losing 20% of their value. All seems to have a particular average of 95%. Is that you question?

Yeah something like that. This is still pretty fuzzy to me, so let’s say you got 5 containers and then 4 of them get splashed with water ruining 20% of the cargo in those 4 containers, that would be situation #1 but if the 5th undamaged container didn’t exist, it would be situation #2?

oh wait no, both are #2

I think it depends on the units you assign value to. If there is a unit that is stolen, or dropped into the ocean, non-recoverable, etc, it is a total loss. That means situation 1 applies for that unit. Generalizing, if a ship is the unit, you will have a lot more situation 2 over situation 1.

CS, are you trying to buy a whole shipping container of salvage goods?

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No, just some salvage cheese wheels.

A Michelin-starred restaurant would just describe the flavor as having a hint of brine


It was a total loss, de Brie was everywhere. I’ll see myself out.


Gonna get you on @meep 's list.

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I think you need to change your frame of reference. Rather than think about it from the “captain of the ship” perspective, think about it from a customer who hiring the shipping company to move their goods from Port A to Port B.

Scenario #1 would mean that your entire cargo was destroyed or lost (while in transit). Everyone else who hired the shipping company to move their goods are just fine.

Scenario #2 would mean that your cargo was damaged in such a way that you can still salvage a portion of it for delivery (just not all of it). A similar result was seen by everyone else, too.

More like a below-average question amirite?!?!?

I’m thinking that it’s definitely not Smoothie’s A game type of question. This is more like a C level question.