Auto insurance in parent's name as an adult

I’m curious if google maps tells you whether people are actually using their garages for cars?

Or if a particular house has converted their garage to living space?

It was primarily used for people saying “Oh yeah, I keep both cars in the garage” when insuring their high-value vehicles, and we see it really looks like a 1-car garage. Or people who said “oh yep it’s in a garage” but their “garage” is a carport. Things like that.

They always had the right to request photos from the insured if they suspected fraud, and frequently required them for higher-value vehicles. Your $25k Corvette wasn’t scrutinized as much as your $100M hypercar.

It’s definitely possible people had living space in their old garage and committed fraud. That company had lots of fraud. It had maximum allowable mileage per year, and once ran an article about an insured who drove their vehicle both ways cross-country 2x a year… Looked up their policy. Rated at 4,000 miles/year while driving at minimum 12,000 just on those trips, if they are pretty straight shots.


Ah, so my lowly Subaru Outback isn’t a concern. :grin:

Frankly, m’dear, our underwriters don’t give a damn.


Honestly, it would make me nervous to drive too expensive of a car. :grin: I’m quite risk averse and the drivers around here. :scream:

Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true

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[Stannis] fewer [/Stannis]


[Stannis] lesser [/Stannis]

IFYP (sort of :-D)

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I suppose if you run people over enough, there becomes a point where the grammar switches from fewer to less. But it would be “there is less people”.


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:pirate_flag: Arrrr!


Well, people in my case became less a collection of persons, having been run over…

Being silly. Don’t mind me.

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It’s a good R that I will N; stop beating it to death.

Honestly, if there was a mortality table for “jokes that die of explanation by actuaries,” it would be the highest cause.

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I am very happy that the express lane in the Publix near me says “10 items or fewer.”


Thanks for the correction.

But this link says the rule is not strict.

Still, whatever it takes to make more people happy … or more people happier… lolz

A great moment in a Weird Al concert I saw a few years ago was when he performed “Midnight Star.” After he sang “I was waiting at the express line with my 12 items or less” the band stopped so that he could explain why he used bad grammar, saying that the song was coming from the perspective of the shopper who was an “idiot.” Then the band continued where they left off.


Late to the discussion

My wife proof reads court transcripts for extra cash

The vast majority are accidents where (as an example) the person driving in NY, has an accident
Insurance is in FL and they have no residence in FL and haven’t been in the state in six months and for no more than a few days at a time and mail comes to NY.

The insured almost never wins. The fraud is way too easy to detect


I don’t really care about the grammar error. I just enjoy making GoT references.