Audiophile Thread

We had an audiophile thread on the AO, let’s have a thread here.

As in audiobooks? Or a different kind of audio?

like speakers and headphones and that kind of stuff

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So I’ve been finishing my garage, it was just bare studs and we upgraded the electrical system substantially and insulated it, almost ready for paint. Which is to say I’ve been out there a lot, listening to some Hitmakers from Parts Express that my son and I built a few years ago. No sub, on an old Denon stereo receiver… I think it’s a DRA-697, it’s a tank.

I’ve been really impressed with how neutral they sound, and how well they handle pretty much anything you throw at them. And they are sitting close to a wall that seems to boost the bass a bit, they feel quite solid to ~50Hz which is all you need from a 7" monitor, imo. The tweeters are $15 each, we’re not talking about anything expensive at all, and they work very well. If I were designing from scratch I’d probably use the Tymphany ring radiators, but these are quite nice and non-fatiguing.

Also, it’s taken a lot more work to wrangle contractors than expected, so the basement isn’t done. Really looking forward to getting my big rig back up and running. I still have my JTR sub and a Seaton Submersive, but I sold my Aurasound 18"… because I’m going to be building a pair of 21" subs with Eminence drivers. And most likely driving them with a Bose 8-channel pro amp that’ll push around 4kW each. I’ll probably run those and the JTR in the basement and move the Seaton upstairs with the Magnepans. Then I’ll have a Monitor GXW-15, not sure where it’ll wind up.

I’ve got a lot of subs.