At what point do you leave a failing country?

That UK number is sobering. This is one area where I am glad Canada lags behind the US and the UK. Latest Statistics Canada data shows average student debt of about US$15K.

Both my London daughter and SIL work for non-profits focusing on at-risk children so they see this daily. The indifference of the Tories to what is happening to this generation of children drives them crazy.

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This could have been predicted given how much bigger a generation boomers are compared to later generations -

Looks like nurses are leaving the UK in droves. Canada not mentioned in the article as a destination from UK but many of our nurses come from other countries. Canadian nurse salaries are high, similar to Australia, and the benefits here are awesome.

Thousands of foreign nurses a year leave UK to work abroad | Nursing | The Guardian

Maybe it’s time to start selling back to their countries of origin, Stuff The British Stole -

Great article about this issue on the FT.


Parents are spending far more time now optimising their kids lives vs previous generations due to perceived competition. There is an obvious “cost” to this which means couples now have less children on average.

An interesting data point here is France. Their fertility rate is still 1.8 (vs 1.5 in UK and US).

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Why family-friendly policies don’t boost birth rates - Why family-friendly policies don’t boost birth rates via @FT

And, as I predicted in this thread a while back…

Thames Water (the largest water supplier in the UK) is about to fail. They supply about 60% of London.

15+ years of loading up the company with debt while doing minimal investment and maintenance. All coming home to roost now.

Latest set of investors basically got sold a lemon by the Australian vampire squid (Macquire) so caveat emptor applies. Mark it zero and move on.

The large Canadian investment manager, that handles the investments for the pension fund I serve on, is one of the two big Canadian investors in Thames Water. They were certainly willing to contribute much more in funding but Ofwat was not cooperative in meeting their demands. We are discussing investment results next week with them so will be curious if they are carrying this investment at zero value. They provided a detailed explanation of their Ofwat request but that is a document I can’t share. A very different slant in their explanation than in the Guardian article.

I have always been skeptical about the privatization of the UK water companies and it does now appear that Thames Water may need to be nationalized. That would be a difficult pill for the Tories to swallow so may not happen until Labour wins the next election?

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They are likely to try to punt the problem to next year (post election) Likely a combinaton of Govt loans and rate increases for consumer bills (water).

But I just don’t see the company suriving. Not only are their finances terrible, but their reputation has basically been shattered by constant sewage dumping around London. This makes it near impossible to get water bill increases and pay dividends.

This one just in:

Heart-warming story about an emigration that seems to be going well.

A significant number of folks from French-speaking African countries have opted for a life in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec despite its isolation and cold winters. Newcomers have been welcomed: even the local poutine shop is now run by a couple from Benin.


So the solution is to send immigrants to far flung remote areas? Where there is a shortage of low skill labor?

I think I can get on board with that….

That works to an extent. But you need to be careful about still integrating the immigrant population into the existing culture. Otherwise you risk creating an insular, isolated minority with limited economic prospects. Seeds of many future problems lay in that direction. Integration also allows the new group to bring positive aspects of their own culture into the prevailing cultural set. Win win that way.

The problem with the large muslim population in Europe right now is definitely the complete failure of integration in terms of (often antithetical) values

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Its a shame Andy Burnham did not go for the Labour leadership role.

He seems to be the only person who understands that levelling up needs to be from the bottom up, and not from the top down.

Making London poorer just makes the UK poorer. There is (quite simply) too much envy in the UK about London vs the north.

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He did and lost to Corbyn

The Americans are helping out the Brits (again):

And they have now officially defaulted…

There’s also too much poop in the river