At what point do you leave a failing country?

In addition to the political implications, it’s also the wrong thing to do IMO.

I agree, but it can be done. It’s just not likely for many reasons. But hey if you run out of money and won’t raise taxes or just print more of it, at some point you can’t pay the bills. I’m not saying that’s imminent or anything just that that is the end result at some point.

Well, the UK has indeed “run out of money”.

So you can sit back and observe how it goes.

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Innumeracy on my part. For some reason it was coming through as 30 in my brain.

(My wife is sick…not enough sleep. Mea culpa.)

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Oh, i thought it was a commentary on less than 50% seems less typical than " typical."

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It happens. The TA that was working for the same math professor as me in college once commented that when you step up to the blackboard in a Calculus class all ability to do basic Algebra just temporarily escapes your body rendering you incapable of not making a fool of yourself in front of everyone in the room.

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It’s like when you have a big meeting at work in front of 200 people and the CEO wants the answer to a fairly simple arithmetic question and they all look at you for the answer and your brain stops working.


The Guardian has aggregated the local spending from 2010 (when Conservatives came to power) and 2023 (last year)

The reductions in real spend for education are stark. This has had a huge effect on state schools and class sizes.

You will also notice that adult social care spending was maintained in real terms and child social care increased (this means that there are now more children who have entered the social care system with developmental problems due to more poverty and broken homes).

Just to add to this thread as I am not sure you guys follow the UK news all that closely.

The largest miscarriage ever in British Justice went on over the last 20 years. Its worth the read if you have time as it will give you good insight into just how tragic UK Governance is amongst the politicians and executive class.

It will make your hair stand on end. It really is that bad.

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It really seems weird that people chose to convict someone based on nothing other than software evidence. Laid off, I can understand. Convicted, no. And it didn’t occur to anyone that before convicting someone, maybe check your software? I guess it eventually happened but it seems rather late.

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Yikes, that’s really awful for those wrongly convicted. :grimacing:

they were basically operating as the government, so I understand the need to convict for financial crimes

But seeing as they were wrongly convicted they are due a largest settlement from Fujitsu and maybe even the UK gov as well

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No disagreement there, but the standard of proof needs to be higher. If it’s not, they haven’t learned anything.

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Agreed. They should have done a manual audit

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Successive senior managers knew that the convictions were dodgy but decided to protect the reputation of the post office instead. The victims will only now be sorted out because there was a drama on TV.

Some high income Brits manage to keep their UK tax bills low.

Well done Canada for pointing out the lies coming from the Tory camp. They seem to be under the impression that they can lie with impunity with no consequences.

We seem to be headed for an absolute Tory wipeout in the coming elections.

Canada contradicts Kemi Badenoch claims on ‘ongoing’ trade talks - Canada contradicts Kemi Badenoch claims on ‘ongoing’ trade talks via @FT

Also pleased to see that Canadian Tories are being called out by our press on their lies. Poilievre is a bit Trumpish in his disregard for the truth and is finally being challenged on his inaccuracies. However, unlike the UK, Canadian Tories will still sweep into power in the next Federal election as voters are tired of Trudeau.

I haven’t been following Canadian politics for a while but am surprised the Conservatives are polling a majority now (I assume because of housing and immigration?)

I fear we are looking at a Conservative Party majority in Canada under Poilievre combined with a Trump Presidency south of us. The old Progressive Conservative Party was reasonable but the current Conservative Party is different. There are parallels to what has happened with the Republican Party in the US.

Cost of housing is probably the biggest issue in Canada: this has been exacerbated by the record amount of recent immigration. Canada is still very open to immigration but the issue is quantum. Folks are very tired of Trudeau so he takes the blame for all of our problems, whether warranted or not.

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