Astronomy News Thread


The eclipse might be a double feature.

OK, I guess when I post things here, those things actually happen in the real life:

The NWS said an EF3 tornado struck Lakeview, which is on the southwest side of Indian Lake.

Help find a cure for eclipse.

Not really, but you can use your smartphone to help NASA:

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Not sure of April Fools joke, as it was published on 3/31 (maybe!), but some guy proclaiming to be the Only Solar Eclipse Reporter noted that the path of totality has been recalculated.

New Solar Eclipse Map Shows Change in Places Where Moon Will Block Sun.

But, avid eclipse observers are not going to go just to the edge of the totality path. you might get a few seconds of totality that way. They’re going to go deep into the heart of the path, where the adjustment would only affect the total time of totality.

Got some viewing shades from my optometrist!!!

Weather forecast for Monday: :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Looks like we’re headed to OH, have friends in Dayton. Friends in Austin too, but bigger crowds and looks like rain.


I don’t trust weather forecasts a week ahead but Ontario part of path is looking good for viewing.


You would think they would have this down to about the millimeter with the understanding of all the maths and physics that goes into it. Not like we haven’t been able to predict these things for centuries.

It’s true!
While one has to look past “traditional stories” of eclipse prediction (“The Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years!” – um, not accurately) on the big-ass internet, here is a true tale:

Here are some more explanations that are not “signs of the end times”:


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A rocket just went over our house. Must be the SpaceX launch.

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We just heard it a few minutes ago. Saw the one last week. It’s pretty cool to watch them come back down.


Best place in Canada for viewing eclipse now looking like the Eastern Townships in Quebec. Brilliant sunny day is forecast and a lovely area to spend a few days. (Setting for Louise Penny murder mysteries for anyone familiar with her books).

Just a reminder.


Hope someone on this thread made it to Quebec’s Eastern Townships. Wish I could have.