Assasination attempt on Slovak Premier

This is big news in Europe right now.

Its the first time (in decades) that a Premier has been targeted (and hit) in the EU.

This is concerning as it will likely be followed by a serious security crackdown in Slovakia.

There has been a lot of chatter about Russian Military Intelligence becoming more militant in Europe so that is also an area that needs to be looked at.

Slovak premier Robert Fico critically injured in assassination attempt - Slovak premier Robert Fico critically injured in assassination attempt via @FT

Saw that bit of news flow into my news aggregator.

Do you know what his stance was regarding Ukraine vs. Russia?

Thats the weird part.

He was pro-Russia, so either this is due to somebody who is very anti-Russia, or its a Maskirovka operation by the GRU.

Not enough information at this point.

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Reminiscent of another assassination in that part of the world around 100 years ago, hopefully less impactful…


I can’t say I’m familiar with Slovakian politics, but from what I read yesterday he’s a right wing Nationalist who was pro Russia and against Ukraine aid. Don’t know if that was directly related to the attempt or it was some other part of his politics that he was targeted for. Either way a troubling attempt on a world leader.

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sort of:

A party that’s economically Squad-ist and socially MAGA-ist? :pretzel: My brain hurts.

Yeah I’ve seen conflicting things too. Either he’s a lefty communist or he’s a right wing wanna be dictator seems to be what I’m seeing depending on who is doing the reporting. The only things that seem to be consistent is, he’s anti LGBTQ, he’s strongly Nationalistic, he’s pro-Russia.

He is an authoritarian (Think Orban from Hungary), who uses state spending for his own political benefit (routes money to the old and rural folks so they keep voting for him).

There has actually been a big brain drain of young people from Slovakia to other EU countries which has compounded this problem.