Ask an Actuary Puzzler Contest

Starts here:

Week 1 is pretty simple, and must be done by Jan 3.

To be eligible a prize, you need to be an SOA member or candidate.

That’s incredibly basic, right? I’m not missing anything?


It sort of defeats the purpose of a puzzle contest to post the solutions online, though.

He was quite ahead of his time…

Sorry, didn’t read all the way that there was an actual prize.

…I didn’t post the solution.

And yes, this first week is really easy.

So just

I put a spoiler with what I thought it was without realizing it was an actual contest.

Can I enter the first week say 10 times?

I came here to make sure I’m not missing anything. Seems like I’m not. I’m not at all bright by actuary standards but even I knew the answer to this right away.

And yes, the first one was easy.

The answer to part 1, and the question for part 2, are now up:

…and if I’m thinking about this one correctly, this is also easy.

Hrm. The order of operations in n^n^n^n is ambiguous; see

(Not that I would trust wikipedia as an authority, but they do list examples of applications that interpret it differently.)


Yes I know it doesn’t matter here. It still annoys me.

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And yeah, question 2 was also easy.

Question 3 is up:

That one is not -quite- as simple, but yeah, you’ll know it when you see it.

this one was easy - if you know about Heron’s formula - but it bothers me that the answer is not an integer

Surely you know how to write a sentence.