Asian American Thread

Eww. No, no one spits on my sidewalk. Nor vomits. I mean, really, how often does anyone vomit in public? How often do wild animals vomir?

No one urinates on my sidewalk, either. The dogs use nearby upright objects, not the sidewalk. They do sometimes poop on it.

That being said, I don’t just walk on the sidewalk, I also walk on the street and on the dirt. And my shoes get dirty, and sometimes pick up salt and sand and crap. I take them off when I come indoors. I have different shoes that I only wear indoors.

Mine’s better. The supermarket overcooks it and leaves it in a hot display to dry out. Also, the supermarket never sells roast duck, nor rack of lamb, nor roast Picanha, all of which are easy to cook and delicious.

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you must not live in the city. It’s fine if u have separate shoes for indoors

When I was in China I saw that the kids kind of just drop trou and go wherever, even in the middle of a crowd in a heavily trafficked area. Adults don’t but loogies happen everywhere.

If you’re taking the night train there will definitely be poops in the aisle by the time you depart.

No, I don’t live in the city. I used to live in NYC, though, and all those were pretty rare. I’m not saying the streets were clean, of course. But Americans don’t pee on the sidewalk, and it’s uncommon for Americans to spit in public, too. Doing so is considered dirty, and a person seen doing it is considered disgusting for it.

(Drunk guys sometimes pee in public, but they’ll try to be out of sight, and do it against a building or something. Or behind a bush along an interstate.)

maybe u don’t know what happens in the city at 3am

also there’s the homeless

really? I’ve met a lot of people who spit in public. Some are friends.

The homeless often peed off the end of the subway platform. They also pee against buildings, and in corners, as mentioned above. When I was pregnant I could walk down the street and smell who’d done what where. It was… interesting.

There’s remarkably little pooping in public in NYC. I’m honestly not sure where the homeless did that. Public restrooms are usually free in the US, though, so maybe that’s the answer.

Those are actually pretty easy to install if you’re OK without any heat. The heating can be done too but it probably requires some wiring.

Not gonna lie I peed in the NYC subway station before at like 3-4am. When the trains run slow and you gotta go you gotta go.

find a Toto on amazon. just plug it into an outlet

even in suburban areas i’m sure there’s enough doggy poo on the sidewalks to guarantee some small particles get on your shoe

poo or not it’s unlikely to do you harm, which is why shoe inside or not it’s just up to what you’re used to.

nobody died from wearing shoes in the house, the same way nobody died from getting into their bed with their outdoor clothes/jeans.

Yeah I suppose. I mean vegetables are covered in poo while they are growing.

it’s not a health issue. more a germophobe issue

no one ever died from not washing their hands after using the bathroom either. unless they were a surgeon or something

[red]You just put it in the dishwasher![/red]

How have we survived this whole time???

Especially if they’re concerned about getting uromysitisis poisoning.