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I like Asian American food. The fortune cookies taste like sugar-glazed Styrofoam, however,

I have a kitchen remodel coming up. Since I am better off than my parents I actually have the funds to remove both the dishwasher and the oven and to use those locations to store dishes, rice cooker, and hot pot. My parents just shoved those items into the dishwasher and oven that came with the home.

What does that have to do with Asian Americans?

I understand preferring storage space to a dishwasher. I think it’s crazy, unless you are REALLY short of storage space, but I understand why others might have different preferences from mine.

But you don’t want an OVEN? Do you never bake? Never roast? Heck, one of my “Asian” dishes is roast duck seasoned with 5 spice powder and orange. I roast it in the oven.

And unlike a dishwasher that’s full of pokey bits, an oven is pretty much just open space when you aren’t using it. I actually have two ovens, a big one that I use all the time, and a little one below it that I only use when I’m cooking for a big party. The little oven is where I store flat trays. On the rare occasions when I want to use it as an oven, it’s pretty easy to take everything out and put it in the den, and just put it back after I’ve cooked the lasagna, or whatever.

Geez, be cautious. That can kill resale value.
If you’re stuck for space, hire a kitchen designer. A grand or two is money well spent on this - very well spent. They can maybe do both - find storage space and an oven/dw.

Last kitchen reno, the designer sat at our table, looks around and says "how open are you to new ideas’. Oh crap, here we go.

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Lol. I’ve not used it that way, but it seems to me it was designed to hold plates, glasses, and silverware.

Yeah, our dishwasher has been busted for years (a combo of my son & mice. That combo also destroyed our washer) – I wash the dishes by hand and use the dishwasher as a drying rack.

I don’t think asians bake (much).

I grew up in asia as well as the US. Asians in asia don’t have ovens. Asians in the US may use the oven, if they want to cook white people food, but that’s rare.

Also on the list, one of those Japanese toilets that sprays your butt

Yeah, we’ve had one of those pre-toilet-paper-shortage and decided to upgrade to 2 during the covid era. One suggestion if you’re buying. While they make them for both round and elongated toilets, the seat uses up toilet space and doesn’t leave much space on a round toilet. It forces you to sit a couple inches more forward than you normally would and that results in … uh… stuff landing in the shallows rather than the deep, forcing you to use multiple flushes routinely. Put it on an elongated toilet. fwiw, we’ve got Totos.

Once you go elongated you never go back

I know Trump talks about bringing us back to the great days of the 50s but remember, those were the days when toilets were round.

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A good toaster oven is all u need

i don’t understand how westerners wear their shoes inside the house. Your shoes have been stepping on some pretty disgusting things outside :grimacing:

Yeah, I bought one of those shortly before covid. I have been extremely happy with the purchase.

I first ran into them in Japan, and have kinda wanted one ever since. The first time I looked into it, the price was exorbitant, and I had visions of something going wrong and the plumber and the electrician each saying I had to contact the other. But they’ve gotten much cheaper, and as a simple add-on seat, it’s also pretty clear which issues are plumbing issues and which are electrical. And honestly, if it just stops working, I’ll probably either give up on it (if that happens really soon) or replace it with a new one.

More and more of my white friends are starting to request people take their shoes off inside the house.

They’re evolving.

The toaster oven is too hard to clean. I won’t use it for anything that might make a mess. It’s also too small to use if I’m cooking for the family.

Also, I like to roast meat. Doing a roast chicken this weekend.

people and other animals spit, vomit, urinate, and defecate on sidewalks

i just buy my roast chickens from the supermarket like all other asians