Are you scared of nuclear war/death?

Seems like we’re potentially nearing the end here. Are you aloof? scared? Happy?

I gotta say, personally, I don’t really care how it goes.

I’ve also been quite stoned.

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Just gotta roll with the punches, when’s our next global pandemic

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Back when I was a kid living in Podunk MN, population 1,432, I figured they’d go for the big cities like Minneapolis and St Paul.

Now, I live very near a major metropolitan area, so, like the Far Side deer, it’s a helluva birthmark.

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How far does that nuclear blast & radiation travel anyway?

Will I be safe if I wear an N95? Take that, you anti-maskers!


Depends a lot on the payload…

I’m still holding out hope these military satellites are armed with lazers

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I live in a large-ish city with a huge Defense Supply Center. I assume that makes it more of a target? But idk.

I’d rather be hit directly though than die of radiation poisoning. I read about that girl making those paper cranes, no thanks.

Ideally would prefer to not be nuked at all, of course.


I live dead center in a metropolis high rise with nowhere to escape. Yay me!

Yes, if that’s an option, I’ll take that one, please.


if the whole human race is wiped out due to its stupidity, it is what it is


and millennials would be super pissed I would guess

Why’s that?

Also, I’m a millennial

cause so unfair?

but if you won’t be pissed thats great!

at least greta thornberg will be pissed. “How dare you!”

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I think it’s quite fair! My grandparents went through WWII, my parents grew up poor as a result. I grew up all happy and rich. It’s time the millennials start experiencing what the rest of humanity has always experienced.

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glad it’s a happy ending

I figure no way will an individual russian actually launch. Though maybe they’ve plannee for that. So, not worried.
Spoke with a friend today who is concerned. But he’s polish and his dad survived the concentration camps so he’s got a different perspective.

Seems like you’re giving issues a lot more weight than they deserve.

aloof? Nah.

scared? Nah.

happy? Nah. I am fairly content with my life, though. I am not scared of dying. I know, I know, but think of your children! Well, I’ve got life insurance, and I won’t know that I’m dead once I’m dead, so, there’s that. And then, when my children are dead, they won’t know that I ever existed or am dead, so, why worry?

if jsm is a good representation of millennials, it’s kinda ironic

stock market crash 2008: pissed
global warming: pissed
runaway real estate market: pissed
end of the world: happy

kinda makes sense inna scorched earth way