Are you ready for some funking candy?

Are you?

straight people really do love getting fat


Im pretty skinny and i eat candy.

I’m pretty fat and I don’t eat candy. It’s the great tragedy of my life.

i love candy. i am fatter than i want to be, yet smaller than average.

Obligatory Simpsons gif (maybe be a weensy bit NSFW):

being skinny isn’t exactly the key to happiness

but being fat is often times the key to unhappiness

I don’t really believe that.

that said, i’m doing my part for keeping humanity thin by giving no candy at all to the little assholes who go trick-or-treating.

I just had me a Rice Krispie square!! So goooooooood!!! :yum: :whale2:

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Eat that funking candy, white boy


If I eat too much funking candy, I will be FunKing Ded before I turn 60.

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does Rice Krispy count as candy. it’s more rice

Depends how much marshmallow is holding it together.

Now I’m having some chocolate covered almonds!!! :pig:

This was made by a professional baker. It’s got just the right amount of marshmallow and I think a bit of vanilla. So goooooooood!!!

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so Halloween through Christmas is all candy time?

I just had a green Snickers bar. Some weird Halloween version.

Not likely to have candy on Thanksgiving unless it’s candied yams or Turkish delight, but most people will be full after the funking pie.