Are you happy as an actuary?

I’d easily find something else to fill my time. I would miss number crunching a little

I’d OD

agreed - I get plenty of time off and flexibility when working

No hobby would fill my time well

MBAs spend the whole day making PPTs or in meetings presenting PPTs. I’d probably hang myself if i had to do that everyday

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I don’t have that problem. I will not be one of those “can’t just not work!” retirees. I will have no job, no hobbies, and no travel plans, and it will be freaking fantastic.

my ultimate goal is not having to answer to anyone. Actuary is pretty close but still no cigar

Mostly happy. Would love to only work 3 days a week and aim for early retirement, but compared to food service or doing COBOL programming or worse, can’t complain about the pay vs. the effort.

My fantasy is I’ll go take history classes and that kind of thing at a university

To just be free to do nothing would be great for a week and then I’d get depressed

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