Appropriate gift as a house guest

I’m going to be staying with a friend at his place for a few days. We’ll also be taking road trip together in his car. I’d like to bring a gift as a thank you. I’m looking for gift suggestions as well as approximate price range.

Only restriction is that it can’t be large and can’t be a liquid as I’m planning to do carry on.

you could always order a gift to be delivered directly if it is gonna be large. i’ve done that.


Good suggestion. I’m traveling internationally, so that could be easy with some things and a PITA with others.

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alcohol. or just treat him to an expensive dinner


I would order and have delivered - Alcohol or a plant. Fruit basket. Alcohol may require someone at home to sign for it

I suppose duty free could be an option, but I’d be limited to what’s on hand at the airport

Bottle of wine.
But, freeze it first. That way it’s not a liquid.
Pretty sure nothing will go wrong.

You’re coming from Georgia. Fresh peaches!
Or, treat them to a nice HOME-COOKED, right off the grill, dinner. I believe you have the chops (heh-heh) for that.

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Take them out to a (very nice) dinner, or buy them some nice alcohol they enjoy once you’re there. Don’t gift something they wouldn’t otherwise enjoy, though. Like if they hate going out and you insist on taking them out, make them a nice dinner in instead (along with all clean up).

Hookers ‘n’ blow.

get them at your destination, as it would be expensive and illegal, respectively, to bring them with you.

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Now, now, one should check the cost of each option, do an actuarial analysis…

are hookers illegal?

When I’m a house guest, i routinely take my hosts out to a nice dinner. I rarely bring then anything in addition to that, but when i do it’s usually something that’s about our relationship. (Like, i once gave a friend a jigsaw puzzle I’d had made from a photo of the last place he took me to.) I guess I’ve i stayed in my brother’s apartment for a few days when he wasn’t there, and i left him a nice coffee maker, since his apartment didn’t have one. But that’s risky, because you might be leaving clutter.

If I’m just a guest for supper, i bring dessert, or wine, or nice chocolate, or nothing.

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This is what I do. I keep in mind how much money I’m saving each night by staying there ($150-$200 a night), which basically gives me unlimited budget to treat a very very nice meal or two.

I might be taking 5 to supper, if I’m staying with a couple who have kids old enough to enjoy a nice meal. But yeah, the hotel savings still pay for a very nice dinner.

And i enjoy the time with my friends. When friends put up friends, they typically want to spend some time with the guest, they don’t want to feel like they are just a cheap place to crash.

Depends on the destination.

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When I stayed with @Whiskey, I brought him some whiskey;

though I did have to use a checked bag.

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For this friend, if I were to bring alcohol the appropriate version would be red wine. If I see something nice in duty free that may be an option or maybe I will just treat a lot there too. Perhaps both.

That white dog was delicious.

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the benefit of this is that you get to get more excuses to go out and eat