AOC 11:35 - Alexandria wept

I feel for her.

She wept, but she didn’t vote no.


Vote and stand your ground for why you voted that way. Don’t go be a whiny bitch about it to get media attention.

Is voting “present” abstaining?

yes, that is exactly what it means.

Some of the local politicians here have cried during meetings. I think it’s not just unprofessional, but they’re not doing they’re job. Rationality is out the window.

If you’re that overcome, you shouldn’t be voting on council matters.

Thanks, sometimes the terminology used is unexpectedly different from that used here.

Do you feel the same when someone raises their voice?

There’s scale involved. There’s a difference between passionate and uncontrolled. Volume going up, is pushing it. Yelling is unacceptable, particularly for politicians.

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Some national politicians have been known to cry as well.

I should clarify that passion is fine and there is likely time for tears on some matters. The south border of the us could evoke tears I’m sure.

But voting isn’t the time. Either you’re grandstanding or you’re irrational. Neither accomplish unity.