Anybody miss old Top Gear?

The Grand Tour sucks and the new Top Gear hosts suck too.

I miss the days when they didn’t have a massive budget and talked more about cars. Years ago they did a show on the Isle of Man, Boxster vs S2000 vs Z4, and they drove some really fast BMWs like the M3 CSL (I think). The season finales were always fun, I think Vietnam was a really fun show.

The Grand Tour is… fine. New Top Gear sucks. American Top Gear sucks - or it did, I watched like three episodes and that was it.

Agree. The old ones were better. The grand tour has evolved into an attempt at recreating the old season finales that were hits, but they don’t hit the same. Not as invested in exploring culture of the destination which makes it less interesting I think.

You can easily get cars for a TV show, but you cannot easily get the camaraderie and “greater than the sum of its parts” chemistry that Clarkson, May, and Hammond could pull off every week. Clarkson was clearly a jackass, but he was a damn entertaining jackass.

I sort of liked the American version that ran with Adam, Tanner, and Rutlege, but they took a few seasons of getting to that chemistry that made them entertaining. But Tanner essentially replaced the Stig as the race car driver on the show, and each and every driver challenge was boring to watch since each and every driving challenge was a foregone conclusion to be won by Tanner.