Anybody like ice fishing?

The spots around here are kinda slow so I don’t go as much anymore.

Ice fishing is stupid and ugly and also, it’s stupid. 6 hours, 5 people, 0 fish.



compared to regular fishing? also 0 fish?

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You forgot 12 beers. Or whatever you choose to drink. There’s also just the time spent with friends talking about … whatever the hell you talk about when you’re ice fishing.

I always said to friends we could just sit in my unheated garage, pound beers, and pee outside instead of heading out onto the ice.


Pic of the haul last summer when I took 3 UWaterloo students fishing in my boat:

Pic of the fish and chips shore lunch from last Sunday when I took 4 Uwaterloo students ice fishing at the same location:


I hear fish under ice is tasty cuz of all the fat

Holy :poop:!!!


I saw this happen in Minnesota about 10 years ago. Guy had a 20 inch walleye on the line and went to net it as a 48 inch northern grabbed it. They were able to net both at the same. Cool to see it happen again

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