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$1,100 to renew plates for my Tesla. Tax rates in Kansas are absurd. I also pay more income taxes and property tax on my house than I did in Colorado. My property tax is nearly double.

For the privilege of living in… Kansas. Overall COL is lower but this is really annoying.

12:31 p.m. Get an auto text from my cell provider that my automatic top up has been appliedl

5:01 p.m. same day: Get an auto text that my monthly charge is past due. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

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Heh a week ago I got a text from my credit card company that my payment was processing.

Nine hours later the same credit card company texted me a reminder that my bill is due in one week.

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There is a GIANT, disgusting fly buzzing around my office. My office has all windows on three sides, making it a prime area for bugs to get stuck in, trying to find their way back outside. Shudder, it’s so gross, but I don’t like killing bugs just for existing, so I will continue to suffer.

I spilled some hot coffee on my thumb as I was pouring it out of the carafe.


Bank issued a tax slip for the ENTIRE balance of one of my mom’s retirement accounts rather than the annual payout - FOR 2021!!! Now I gotta get :poop: fixed and refile her 2021 return!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I alternate my headset between my desk phone and my computer. Just recorded a video. Went to listen to it…and my headset is plugged into my phone not the computer. Sigh. Re-record.

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That is annoying but why do you need to fix the 2021 return. Did the 1099-R that was used for reporting income in 2021 not match the distribution?

T4RIF :canada:

I remember when I was filling out her return that the slip was missing. No biggie, the gubmint gets a listing as well, so I assumed they would just add it and adjust accordingly.

So in January 2023, the gubmint reassessed the return with the T4 from the bank THAT HAD THE FULL ACCOUNT BALANCE RATHER THAN THE DISTRIBUTION!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I just talked to my accountant: the bank has to reissue the slip with THE CORRECT AMOUNT, then I can file an adjusted return. :roll_eyes: :unamused: :man_facepalming:

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Is this a Canadian return or American?

If a U.S. return then in that situation the IRS takes your correct return and amends it to something incorrect and then you have to amend the incorrect return that you did not prepare or even see. Which is pretty annoying.


What really angered me is that I only found out about this a month ago: I switched from paper mail to e-notices because how much tax trouble can there be for an 80ish year old lady from The Old Country??? :man_facepalming:


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Yeah, one time I got a notice from the IRS informing me that I owed something like $400,000. They had added the entire sale price of the home that I had sold to my income, which kicked my income into the highest bracket and made me ineligible for some other deductions I’d taken. And then tacked on a crap ton of penalties & interest on top of that. Some for the “bogus” deductions and failure to pay and I don’t remember what else.

The IRS is not very pleasant if they think you owe them $400,000.

The reality is that I sold the home for a small loss and I owed them $0.00. But it was a hassle getting it taken care of and I learned a lot in the process.


BAD GUBMINT!!! BAD!!! NO!!! :newspaper_roll:


The gym changed hand soap and I don’t like the new scent.


Ok, so I called USAA and here’s what you need:

  1. You yourself are currently serving or have previously honorably served in the military. If so, you need your SSN, and the month & year your service started and, if applicable, ended.


  1. Your parent, stepparent, grandparent or step grandparent was or is a USAA member. If any of them served honorably or are still serving but they are not members, they can become members for free and then you can join too. Of course if they’re all dead then you’re just out of luck. In order for them to become a member they need to know their SSN and month & year their military service started and, if applicable, ended.

They don’t have to have retired or been combat veterans or anything like that… just to be actively serving or have an honorable discharge. No minimum length of service.

So in theory, my Dad’s 3 months of active duty and 7 years & 9 months in the National Guard is sufficient for him to join (for free). Then if he joins then I can join, even if he doesn’t actually buy any insurance from USAA. But being related to someone who is eligible to join USAA is not good enough. They have to have actually joined.

My father became eligible for USAA by being in the civil service during the Vietnam war era. He worked for the CDC briefly. He joined USAA, which made me eligible.

I could be USAA from my dad.
He was also GEICO when the GE still meant something


Fluffing auditors! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
The annual statement exhibit says the reserve is 1,695,813, but your work papers show 1,695,814. Please explain this discrepancy.


“Rounding and a firm undertanding of what a “material difference” is.”