Annoyed Thoughts

Au naturel is great for sleeping but annoying to try to lounge in.


I had to restart the hard sudoku in the NYT today an embarrassing number of times.

I almost never have to guess at a square, but today I had to guess. So I picked a square I’d narrowed down to 2 possibilities. Tried the first and got into an impossible situation. Tried the second, and got into an impossible situation. Tried the first again, then the second again, then the first a third time and that finally worked. Which means I unwittingly made a minimum of two dumb mistakes: one on each of my two unsuccessful attempts with the first number. :woman_facepalming:


I don’t always do sudoku but when I do I use my handy dandy excel spreadsheet so that the vba macros do the tedious work for me, the conditional formatting highlights a particular number I want to focus on, and I can easily “erase” numbers that don’t belong. Despite all of that, it still took me two tries to get today’s.

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Texting a woman I’m in an activity with and I have something of hers. Other members of the group include Brittany and Brittney.

Her: Can you just give it to Britney when you see her?

Me: Sure, but do you mean Brittany Smith or Brittney Jones… just making sure!

Her: Since I’ll be out of town I won’t be able to pick it up, but if you can give it to Britney then I can get it from her.

Me: Totally understand about you being out of town, but I don’t know who you mean by Britney. I think you mean either Brittany Smith or Brittney Jones. Can you clarify?

Her: I will see Britney the day after I get back so it will be easy for me to get it from her. Getting on the plane now, thanks!


Now I have to figure out if she’s getting together with Brittany or Brittney the day after she gets back from her trip.


She said Brittney twice, just give it to her.

No, she said Britney, not Brittney. And actually I just got a text from Brittany, so that’s who she meant. The one with the less similar spelling.

I kinda thought she was closer to Brittany than Brittney, but since her Britney is closer in spelling to Brittney…

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for some reason, that exchange reminded me of this scene:


Can you chop it in half and give half to each Britney (sic)?


Actually, yes!

(But I now have confirmation that it’s Brittany she means, so I’m not going to. But I could.)


Did she leave behind a sandwich? Or a child?

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I stopped by the English bakery that has the good, fudgy, non-crunchy edged brownies @JFG, but there was a sign on the door saying they were closed for 5 minutes. :roll_eyes: I came back about 20 minutes later. They have the best brownies!!! :yum:

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Those brownies can go fudge themselves.


Launch date last monday.
Upgraded launch date, last wednesday.
Upgraded launch date, yesterday.
Upgraded launch date, today.
Current launch date, tomorrow. Maybe Thursday.
Geez louise. You know how much money a website in dev makes? Exactly $0.


A box of Girl Scout cookies!

Potentially NSFW

The funny thing is that it’s not even a Britney song…


Ha. I never even paid attention to that.

I’m typing numbers from a hard copy of an annual statement into an excel spreadsheet. The numbers on the paper are a little small, so I tried to embiggen them using the spread-apart-pinched-fingers-method.

…it didn’t work.


I’m doing something only slightly better, trying to pull data out of a table that nobody seems to understand, it’s the worst data structure I’ve ever seen. I can’t seem to figure out how it works, so I have to play with the extract until I tie things out to a hard copy report, and then I know the query is correct.

My fear is people will now expect me to be the expert at using this table. My other fear is that nobody is keeping tabs on how this table is created and it could vanish. I’m going to have to follow up on that one.