Annoyed Thoughts

About 5 years ago I had a different problem with processing. Injured in a car accident, which made the no fault primary up to the no fault limits. That meant some items which medical would not be willing to pay still covered, up to the no fault limit. Unfortunately, I could not control which was paid when, so many expenses which would have been covered by medical went against the no-fault limit, leaving some later expenses not covered by medical covered by neither.


We were driving from Phoenix to San Diego yesterday. Just outside of El Centro (which is probably named because it’s in the middle of nowhere), the battery light came in. We backtracked into the town and found an auto zone. They think it’s the alternator.

Luckily there’s a Honda dealership just a half mile away, so I call and they can get me in at 7:00 am today. So we found a hotel (also several right near the autozone and dealership).

Soon after that the battery died altogether. Autozone was able to charge it enough to get to the hotel and then to the dealership this morning. Now it’s at least at a place that can deal with it, but I’m sitting in an ihop not sure how long it’s going to take.

At least it was just my wife and I, not the kids too

If the light had turned on a half hour later, we would have been screwed.


Backtracking during a road trip can be hard to get one’s head around at first but I’ve done it several times in the last few years and have been thankful I’m cooling my heels in a town and not in the middle of nowhere.

That being said, I found ihop a once in a lifetime experience.

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Waiting on a food order. Person is walking out with my order, and some dude that ordered way later walks up to her and handles my food. Thankfully they didn’t try to bring it to me anyway.

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The Honda place finished with it 2 hours quicker than the estimate they gave us. We are in San Diego now.


Windy AF here. Out bike tent flew over two fences into a neighbour’s yard.

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Here too. Had two trees down on my way home last night that I had to detour around.

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My home internet connection is on day two of being quite slow. I reset the router, not sure what else to do!

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Me to. We keep getting lag spikes.


7yo son had a cold (not covid) this week, now I am coming down with a cold.


I just spent about 30 minutes writing out a pretty comprehensive comment on Reddit describing period life expectancy and what it is (and more importantly, what it is not), and why? No one on Reddit cares or will read it, nor will they learn anything.

What subreddit? I’ve written a few longer posts about health care and drugs and what not and gotten some decent traction.

Antiwork. Lol. Probably not the right audience…

That’s a pretty intellectually lazy sub, imo.

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I had an annoyed thought, but by the time I clicked on this link to write about it, poof.


Ah yes. I sometimes come across posts on here where I was mentioned but not tagged and had no idea. And then I feel rude for ignoring it!

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Pajamas are great for lounging but annoying to try to sleep in.

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How so?

that’s why i don’t bother. au naturel, baby!!!

That’s what I usually do but sometimes not socially appropriate.