Annoyed Thoughts

maybe you need a new nurse…

She certainly has ‘pluck’

Rec volleyball.

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My Dr. is retiring - only Dr. I have had since leaving my pediatrician (for those who aren’t aware I am a grandfather).

Don’t want to break in someone new. Can wait a year, I will get an appointment in before this one finishes up


I’ve had 4 PCPs in the past 8 years or so. The first one was along time guy. He decided to retire and they brought in a very nice woman. She was good, but didn’t really like the patient interactions. She also had a small child and would often cancel due to child care needs. She took a position in teaching/research which seems a better fit. Then I was give the choice of one of the two remaining doctors in the practice, both nearing retirement. I took the younger guy and saw him once before they decided to shutter the practice. Now on doctor #4. This one is a young woman and seem to be much better with patient interactions. I’ve seen her twice so far. Thinking she might outlast me.

Spent some days recording videos. Can’t get the audio right. Can’t figure out the software to clean it up well enough.
Then my marketing person says it sounds the same with a mic and without. I do some testing, yeah, the phone isnt using the mic when it’s plugged in. More googling. Mono mics don’t work in 3.5" phone headset jacks. They need an adapter.
Guess I’m recording videos again this afternoon.

My guy is a solo practice and no indication he is selling it to anyone.

Not sure of my comfort level with a female PCP.

I was uncomfortable with a male PCP until i had one. He’s been pretty good.

He’s in his 60s, and my first question at my most recent annual exam was whether he’s thinking about retiring. He replied that a lot of his patients were asking him that. But he really loves his work, and hopes to keep working until he drops dead. (Well, he didn’t use those words, but he compared himself to my dad, who DID continue seeing patients until he dropped dead in his 80s.)

He seems to be in good health.

I dunno. Maybe I’d rather break in a new doctor now, and not when i have more urgent health issues. But he’s been pretty good. I especially like that he’s really responsive to random non-appointment questions. (He’s salaried, which probably helps.)

We’re getting some solid snow here today. I will have to shovel the driveway at least once tonight.

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We’ve got about 2-3 cm (1 inch of snow) and it’s flurrying. I may have to shovel the driveway before I go sleepy bye bye,

ETA: It’s still flurrying, but little in the way of snow accumulation. I’ll check in the morning. Nightie night!!! :zzz: :sleeping_bed:

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An actuarial recruiter called me after 8:00 last night, and then proceeded to tell me about a role I would love after I said I wasn’t interested. It’s a consulting job dealing with employee benefits, and has a sick exam/study program. Had the guy spent any time looking at my LinkedIn, he would see I have left consulting and have an FSA.

I don’t typically answer my phone for unfamiliar numbers, but I am waiting on a call and this one wasn’t flagged as spam.

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I don’t believe any recruiters would have my personal phone numbers, maybe someone I have worked with in the past, but haven’t looked in almost 25 years

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