Annoyed Thoughts


It’s for real dogs not toy dogs?

I am thrilled to announce that I might need to delete LinkedIn from my phone.

I am not interested in spaces where genuine interaction cannot exist. There is a place for a positive attitude, and for celebrating accomplishments and hard work. There is a place for sharing struggles, too, in a positive light. But there should also be a place for frustration and vulnerability, recognizing how corporations take more from people than they should, how capitalism bleeds us dry, and how hard work doesn’t always save us. Where humanity shines through.

We have curated all meaning out of it, and it’s just another social media garbage fire.


Had to let the blood bank know I tested positive for covid so I assume it’s bound for the trash now. Donations dip around the holidays so that sucks. I originally was going to donate a couple of weeks ago but rescheduled.

Maybe someone who doesn’t normally donate will decide to.


Again with GPS: I ordered a Lyft and messaged the guy to take X ave to Y street because GPS would send him to the plaza behind my place. Of course buddy ends up at the plaza!!! :roll_eyes:

Something wrong with my study desk. Did some reading,.looks like the height is about an inch too high.

I ask the boy for 5 minutes to help me unbolt and lower it. Nope, he has to run, now!

Why? He has to go to his gf’s place to help her dad move some stuff.



My garage door opener doesn’t work when the weather gets super cold. I have to go through the front door like a primitive savage when that happens.

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I’ve had that happen to me. I found the solution using this one simple trick - move somewhere warmer.

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Yesterday, online, I reserved a car rental for today at 12:00. I went to pick it up at 1:30. They had rented it to somebody else. He implied it was common knowledge that I should either show up at the exact time of my reservation, or call if I was going to be late. The idea I suggested that he might have called me to check before giving away the car was not well received. He did offer me a different car at 4x (!) the price of my reservation. I guess I did want to lose that deal, as I declined. He may now be posting about me on

One good thing is I found out my electric scooter has better range than I thought. It was 11 miles round trip, and made it fine. I was pretty nervous on the way back.

Booked a car with a different company for tomorrow morning, hope it works out better.

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Yeah, last time I rented a car was in May, when it was crazy expensive (I booked two months earlier through Costco so I got a fine deal). The woman at the counter was telling me that they had people waiting around in the lobby most days hoping for a cancellation, and the company was giving away cars if the booker was more than a few minutes late. Now I know to not be late!

I wonder if it’s any different at airports, where flights are very often late.

Every time I’ve rented a car at an airport they’ve asked for my flight info. I assume they are tracking that. So if Delta flight 123 is late and that’s the flight I told them, they know why I’m late and when I can be expected.

(That said, if I need a car at my destination that hugely tips the scales in favor of driving, so this only comes up occasionally. But I’ve certainly done it.)

Wanted to make pizza last night but we only had one crust, needed two. Had to order from down the street.

Tried to buy a Bosch dishwasher, they are in short supply. Lowe’s has one 30 miles from me but they are making the process difficult.

I’m going to my local appliance store Monday. They don’t have Bosch but they have KitchenAid and they seem good enough. And if they have one in stock, they are no-hassle.

When the seams of the two layers don’t line up when starting a new roll of toilet paper.


Corollary: when you grab only one of the plies and the roll unravels by separating the plies and even though you end up with double-one-ply it’s still not the same.


Might as well just do this:

nate the office

Have a pinched nerve, it flares up from time to time, pain will radiate from my neck into my shoulder blade and sometimes down my arm. My well-intentioned husband gave me a massage last night and must have done something to make it worse, because it went from annoyingly painful to omg I can’t move. No position was bearable last night, not sitting, not lying down, nothing. It was 24 hours of hell, worse than labor. It’s finally starting to feel tolerable, but still painful. I don’t know if I can sleep tonight.


Ouch! Hope you find a way to calm it down. Are drugs helpful?

I deal with musculoskeletal stuff, not pinched nerves, so maybe that’s a dumb question.

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Drugs are not too helpful…not the drugs I have access to, anyway. I have a heating pad that helps a little, and an ice pack I alternate it with. Cervical traction feels nice, but isn’t really sustainable. I bought a cervical collar, but with Black Friday and cyber Monday, it probably won’t get here in time to help much. I’ll keep it for next time.

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