Annoyed Thoughts

But often I’ll just make the risotto and serve it with whatever leftover meat I’m trying to get rid of. If it’s chicken I’ll probably use chicken broth. And if I’m making it low-effort I’ll use the frozen chopped onions, although they’re not sweet onions, which I prefer, so I often do actually chop fresh onions.

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Well that’s going to depend on the particular aspect or feature of the leak.

annoyed that it’s not more popular to go outside just wearing underwear. i mean, it’s basically shorts without pockets. what’s the big deal?

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Or a skin tight swimsuit

Doesn’t stop some people from doing so and going to Walmart.

I have a medication that mailed over 2 weeks ago, waited, waited, waited, didn’t show up.

Called them and it was “delivered” last week. I think not, sir, because I am the mail-getter and even if my partner got it they would have said something.

Talked with Dillon at the pharmacy who was nice, they are refilling without question and driving it out on Monday, not using USPS.

So this is a random annoyed thoughts but good pharmacist, Dillon/Dylan, you helped.


dealing with UHC. Diagnosed in October, In Network, First Procedure in December, in network, Second Procedure in January out of network, i owe $600. Follow up in August, in network.

Maybe he let it lapse, and reinstated, do i need to check before every appointment? It is crazy

UHC being your provider and the issue is January was out of network?

I’d start by calling them and asking why they put the second one out. They’ll likely push it back in if you are polite and let them take the awkward pauses.

The seatbelt chime in a 2021 Jeep Compass starts way too quickly and has too short of pause before repeating.

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a lot of double talk. Being angry seemed to work better. She is implying the prior ones were not processed correctly

Though I will see

MYUHC says in-network. I am logged in, but she is saying he is in-network for some plans, not all, but they know what my plan is. How is it not customized


That reminds me of when I was on an HMO and my daughter broke her arm. Had to get a referral from the pediatrician for her to see the orthopedist. I get a balance bill from the ortho. Seems the office visit was covered, but the cast was not.

I call the company. They tell me I didn’t get a referral. I did get a referral, I said. Also you covered the office visit.
Let me check…
(Wait on hold)
You didn’t get a referral for that service.
I might have raised my voice: “My daughter broke her arm. What was the doctor supposed to do? Say, ‘Yeah, it’s broken,’ and send us home?”
Let me check something…
(Hold again)
I have resubmitted this for payment.

I swear that company, a large name, had a deny first and pay if they complain policy, bc this was not the first time I had to argue with them over a referral.

This was, however, the incident that finally made me switch to the HDHP & HSA.


And what I really came to complain about:
A few years ago I had some bloodwork due to a problem I was having. My doctor, who ordered the bloodwork, never looked at it. When I asked about it, she looked at one number and said it was fine.

So yesterday I was going through some old lab results, trying to do some detective work on myself. I notice that on the bloodwork done at that time, both my white cells and another number were pretty high, indicating possible infection.

I’m annoyed all over again that she never even looked at that bloodwork.


When my first child was born, i was billed out-of-network for the hospital stay, because i didn’t have a referral. Mind you, i had a referral for the obstetrician, and their policy wouldn’t reimburse at all for midwives or home delivery. So i don’t know what they expected me to do…

Eventually, after several hours on the phone, i figured out what the problem was, got my PCP to retroactively give me the referral, and then got the hospital to rebill the insurance company, and the hospital stopped sending me bright red letters saying i was a deadbeat and they planned to repossess my child. But it took a lot of work.


And now, the $64,000 question:

In retrospect, should you have let them repossess the child? :smiley:

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is the child possessed? Damian?

went back to home depot and complained to the manager there and showed him the picture of the bitch.

just call me karen fan.

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If you’re using sign up genius and there’s an “add to calendar” option… please have the times correct.

I just signed up for something and it added to my calendar for midnight to midnight. No, the event does not last 24 hours. It has a specific start and end time, and the importance of showing up on time was particularly emphasized.


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Second annoyed thought about event invitations… Facebook is no longer allowing me to decline an event. Which means I get notified about it all the time.

I still follow my old church in another city on Facebook as I enjoy reading the news and such. But I don’t need 27 reminders to come to church this coming Sunday when they are having a special musical guest. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn off the reminders except possibly to unfollow the church.


Garage door stopped closing. Home ownership is dumb. Everything breaks. Nothing fixes itself.


we got a notification that they are shutting off our water starting at 10am and it will last at least 2 hours. they said to make sure your water is in the off position. as i normally do, i said fuck it, i’ll use the water until i’m forced not to because it doesn’t actually work. so i used my water as normal and then at like 6 minutes to noon when it would have been close to done we get another notification of ya our bad, today is a holiday so this water shut down is postponed until next week.

well good thing i entirely ignored instructions anyway.