Annoyed Thoughts

Not broken, just badly sprained! So I get to wear a sleeve for two weeks instead of a boot.


Best wishes.

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I saw the hummingbird feeder lying on the ground. I think it’s weird there’s a bunch of dirt inside but I’d just started playing with the dog, so I toss the feeder in the sink to deal with later. After I play with the dog I come back in to find ants swarming in the sink. It was ants inside, not dirt. I dump out the feeder and rinse everything off. I think that’s it but now I keep finding ants in the sink.

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I just killed 4 more of those effers!

Got a speeding ticket saturday on the interstate. Sigh. Fully deserved. Didnt see the trooper in the median until too late for me.

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I must have overproofed some dough: the first rise was nice, but nada for the second. Gonna bake it anyway and see what pops up.


Had that happen for the first time this year. It wasn’t the small ants, it was big ones. Put vaseline on the shepherd’s crook holding the feeder to form a barrier. A satisfying graveyard of ants with none in the feeder resulted.

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The bread rose somewhat during the baking, but it stuck to the bottom of the loaf pan and I had to pry and tear it out!!! :angry:


It was because it’d fallen to the ground. We haven’t had any issues otherwise. I kept finding rogue ants several hours later.

Something is screwy with out internet service.

Most of the deviced in the house are not able to do anything with it - except my iphone and macbook. Google searches work fine, but you can’t go to any of the links.

I did some searching and found that changing something called the DNS seems to fix it. I did that on my wife’s computer and it looks like it took care of the issue. I checked on my macbook - and I guess at some point I had already changed it. Or, maybe apple already has it configured that way?

My disc golf community is pretty cool about getting discs back to the owners. Friendly group of people.

I scribble my name, as if it looks like a kids penmanship, just in case I lose a disc. More likely to return a 7 year olds disc than mine lol.

Crosspost to innumeracy

We’re you in the $ lane? Left lane—you got ticket money !!!

No autocorrect, once again, I did not mean “it’s,” I meant “its!”


Yeah, that one happens all the time for me. The other one that constantly hits me on my phone: changing well to we’ll inappropriately


I use google’s swype function on my phone.

I get “your” for “you”
“not” for “now” and vice versa
“summertime” for “someone”
lots of other stuff. :frowning:

The old Swype branded swyping was much more accurate, but it became a resource hog, and got slow. Maybe I should try it again, though.


Dishwasher divert cracked.

Ants in the house.

The two are not connected. Sux nonetheless

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i was in a part of the country where there is no $ lane. not enough people to justify it! western ND

2 cars in the shop at the same time.