Annoyed Thoughts

@soyleche You’re killing me with the xkcd picture posts and not giving the link, I want the alt text too! I’ve tried google image search but for both of the recent ones I looked at, it tried to send me to the DOT (department of transportation).

Sorry. That one was actually pretty hard to search for.

Huh - if you post the actual link it gives the alt text. Things you learn.

Actually, I found this one really easily by searching election commentary (which happens to be the title). I didn’t try searching for the other.

Thanks for the updating though! :slight_smile:

I didn’t know the name, and there are a LOT of election-type xkcd comics that kept showing up instead of that one.

Like this:

Oh, duh, you meant searching on your part was difficult. I should have caught that. It was really easy on my part because of election commentary being part of the picture’s text.

Waking up 5 hours after you went to sleep because you feel sick, and can’t fall back asleep, even though you don’t feel as :face_vomiting: anymore.

I tossed and turned quite a bit, so it’s not like the 5 hours were useful sleep either.

Tags in the side seams of shirts. What kind of annoying evil is this?

So much better than neck ones which are really irritating if they’re scratchy. Also, less likely to fade away the washing instructions.

Windows updates that take an hour, unexpectedly.

Speaking of shirt tags, I had a weird incident this week. I was walking the pup in the front yard and the tag on my shirt was irritating me. I poked at it to put it in place. Five minutes later I was back inside and it was bugging me again. I reached back to grab it and pulled out a giant wasp! Alive! It flew away without stinging me. That f*cker was inside the neck of my shirt for 5 min or more, I grabbed it, and somehow never got stung. There was no tag at all in that tshirt


I once had a yellow jacket fly up my pants. I stood very still, and pulled the top of my pants away from my waist, and gently aimed myself towards the sun so the yellow jacket could see the light coming from that exit. It flew out.

Scared the heck out of me.

But i didn’t poke at it, or grab it.


I posted on the AO a while back that I was trimming my hedges and unaware that there was a big paper wasp next hidden inside. Those bastards really got me good. Ever since then when I have wasps buzzing near me I feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. That made this experience especially weird.

My mother was starting to repeat her stories and spending way too much time at the casino or shopping and definitely starting to age. Then earlier this year she moved in with my sister and her husband in a rural (and low income setting). She’s like a new person. Happy all the time, no more repeats, no time for casinos. Got my mom back again.


It’s easier to cut out the ones near the collar of the shirt and it doesn’t bother me if there’s a little bit left. I wore a shirt today that I cut the side seam tag off but the little bit that you can’t remove without removing the stitching of the shirt still irritates me.

When I was a kid there was a paper wasp nest right outside my window. I didn’t tell anyone since I enjoyed watching it being built and knew that my mom would have them killed. When I came back from camp that summer I excitedly told my mom that the nest was way bigger than when I’d last seen it, and sure enough she had them zapped. But at least I got to keep the nest as a souvenir.

I fucking hate wasps. That’s an entire family of insects that can die permanently and I won’t miss. We’ve had them in the siding of the house for 3 years now; I’m hoping this is the year we finally flushed them. I suspect what I’ll really have to do is pull the siding off [I have wood siding], clear out everything underneath, put the siding back on, then seal it so they can’t get back in.

I hate my home town. Despise it with a passion. The only reason I ever go back to it is because my dad lives there; when he finally dies, I will never go back.

Co-workers, who after 20 years in the business STILL have trouble with moderately complex tasks that should be old hat by now.

(Told THREE times to take fees into consideration, but only does so for one investment fund, not all of them. FOUR times: Mike (pseudonym), you gotta account for EVERY line item on the statement, not just those on the output report.)

Now I have to my work PLUS babysit his crap.

I really do love my Dad, which is why I’m staying at his place for 2 weeks in his place in my hometown which, if it got wiped off the map I would go buy a broom and all the salt to sweep the land clean and then ruin the soil so nothing could grow here.

But … he’s in that “above 75” demographic, so free guess on what news channel is on TV 22/7. [The 2 hours is when he’s napping and I can flip the TV to something else.] I swear I’m going to go buy headphones today so I can block some of it out, I don’t care if the only pair I can find are $750 and are the cheapies you’d get from buying a portable cassette player back in the 90s - and I don’t even get the cassette player to go with it.

My Dad isn’t quite 75 yet - but for him it’s some western on MeTV (usually Gunsmoke).