Ann Arbor to provide for people without estabilshed residences

Got a new term I guess I’ll need to start using. The gist of the article is that Ann Arbor passed an ordinance requiring all public restrooms to provide sanitary items including toilet paper, soap, paper towels, water and menstrual pads and tampons.

I have linked the article where the quote came from on the first few words of the quote.

Taylor said he proposed the ordinance after hearing from a high school student who was concerned that people without established residences would have a hard time obtaining menstrual products. Ann Arbor’s city council passed the ordinance unanimously on Monday.

And the ordinance covers all public bathrooms without regard to gender designation.

So I keep reading articles to get an article from a decent source that has what I want to include here and now I find that they excluded houses of worship from the requirement.

On Tuesday evening, the Ann Arbor City Council passed a resolution requiring all public restrooms in the city to provide free sanitary products for menstruating individuals, becoming the first city in the country to do so. Sanitation products will be required in all men’s, women’s and gender-inclusive public restrooms, with the exception of those in places of worship.

Another sign the socialists have taken over.

Ironically, my synagogue is the only “public restroom” I’ve ever seen free menstrual supplies in. They have a nice basket with tampons and pads sitting in the ladies’ room. Who knows, maybe they have one in the men’s room, too. I haven’t checked.

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Well places of worship are not government owned public places, so I’m not sure why they would be under this rule in the first place. But it is a nice gesture!

Pretty sure all places of worship are exempt.

Personally I love this. At minimum, menstrual products should be tax-exempt.

Most “public restrooms” are not government owned. This would include gas stations, restaurants, etc.

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If other essential goods are tax exempt sure, not sure why menstrual products should be the only tax exempt product otherwise.

Most food and drugs are tax exempt in my state. Toilet paper isn’t, though.