Android's new enormous clock?

So my Android OS wanted to upgrade this weekend. When it’s locked, and I turn it on, the new clock font is so stupidly enormous it shows the time on two lines.

I haven’t found an option to make it smaller. It’s bugging me, anybody else get this upgrade / have suggestions?

The best I could manage so far is adding a note to the lock screen making fun of the new clock.

Yeah, I don’t get all the f’ing up of displays with Android (and Win 11, which I installed on one PC this week). I use alarms a lot and they’re visually a lot harder to use now, too. I would have said they were designed for boomers with failing eyesight, apparently, but that’s not right either, as they still have small type above and below the huge numbers.

I’ve installed a notification app and given it a persistent notification that the clock is too big.

This reduces the lock screen clock size to human sized, which is good, but leaves a notification icon when I’m using the phone which isn’t ideal, but is still a worthwhile tradeoff

What size do you have set for display font size? Mine is set on default size and while the clock is larger now on the lock screen than it was prior to upgrading to 12, it’s not on two lines.

Huh, planning to update soon. This is not what i expected the major change to be.

My display font size is default.

Aside from a change in font and alignment, the clock display on my Pixel 5 seems perfectly normal after updating to Android 12.

I just re-read your second post and realized that I always have a notification on my lock screen for my smartwatch, so I disallowed that app for a moment and I see what you mean. That’s really ugly.

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Now that my phone has remembered i use the analog clock, the new lockscreen clock is an improvement. The old one was very hard to see.

But… I use the notification shade all the time. I only rarely want the settings that now dominate the top third of that shade. Any way to hide them, or move them to the bottom? I really preferred the old action, where i had to slide down twice to get those.

It’s the phone industrial complex’s way to use moar of ur battery so u buy new phone

I’m doubtful a larger clock display uses more power :man_shrugging:

Yes, that’s one of the nice updates imo, swipe down twice, hit the pencil and rearrange to your heart’s content.

I just moved airplane mode to the top for my flight tomorrow, once I get home, I’ll move it out of quick access again.

I think it might have been editable before but it wasn’t as intuitive.

You know what they say about OS’s with big clock fonts?

Overcompensating for something else…

This isn’t a good look for an OS whose value proposition is flexibility and programmability.

It was editable before. I did so.

But i don’t want airplane mode + three other irrelevant things to take up space when i just want to check the alerts from my news apps. It’s really annoying.

Picture of too big clock

Mine doesn’t look like that